What is rice sock?

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hi iam wondering what is rice socks? i have read that it can help me alot in rooting a vinyls head. is it the one they use in the spa? and iam wondering if i can make one like improvised?

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Most people just put rice in a sock and heat it in the microwave. Then place inside the head while rooting. The heat helps to keep the vinyl soft. It is good to place a cup of water in the microwave along with the rice sock so the rice wont burn.

How long should the sock be heated for? Thanks!

I would heat it in 20 second increments until it’s pretty hot but not burning : )

Some advice. Use dry rice in the sock(don’t cook it first) then when you put it in the micro-put a cup of water in with it.

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thank you so much again for helping me im going to start reborning today! hehe wish me luck!!!

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Good luck, Pearl and have FUN!

Make sure you post pictures as soon as you are done!!! Good luck!!!

Hi Pearl!
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I use one of my husbands all cotton socks for my rice sock. I put about two or three handfuls of rice in the sock foot and then tie the top into a good knot down near the rice area. But, make sure you give the rice a bit of room to move as you will have to let the sock kind of “flow” into the neck opening. If you have packed it too tight it won’t go in the hole. Once I have the rice in the sock I dampen my hands in water and put a wet hand on each side of the sock itself. Just enough moisture to make the sock itself kind of wet. That way the moisture is in the cotton of the sock and nothing will then get scorched. I know a lot of people use a cup of water, but I don’t like to.
So, after you take it out and then let it pour itself into the head opening, then I stuff the big leg end of the sock in to make sure that the rice bag is really securely inside and won’t float around. Then I stuff a napkin (fabric) or even poly fill into the opening to make sure the heat stays in as long as possible. Then I root. I usually don’t have to reheat the sock for the entire hour or two that I root at night when I stuff the opening.
By making the sock itself damp it allows more heat to form. And, because of that the rice itself is not wet at all, but the sock is hot as can be. I cook the bag for about 1 minute. That is for about a 14 inch head, and will get so hot that you have to be ginger quick when flowing it into the head. But boy oh boy does it make the vinyl nice and soft like butter!!! lol
Have fun

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thank you so much for the help hehe i will get my boyfriends socks in his closet maybe hehehe
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Do you put the rice sock around the cup of water or next to it when you put it inside the microwave? Sorry if I’m asking on a old post.

Yes, next to a cup of water. Made the mistake of forgetting that part once and the rice sock started smoking.

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Ok, thanks!:+1::blush: