What is it now?


I have 2 babies on eBay. One has no watchers and the other has like 2.
Please let me know what I should do. Are they ugly? Priced to high? Bad pictures? You were so helpful last time. Give it to me…I can take it.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT


It is just slow these days. Your reborns are beautiful


Even some of the “big names” have been relisting babies…its just been at an all time low on Ebay lately


Thanks ladies…It makes me feel better. But you really think they are okay?

Kmy4boyz- I love your Max and Samiah… They are going to be great.


Your babies are sweet Jean, no worries!

Thank you…they are so shiny I may have to buy matte varnish in gallon size!!


Jean, both of your babies are beautiful…but with the Tabatha sculpt, if I were looking for a reborn, I wouldn’t want one that has just painted hair…I like a combination…and as for the little one, I wouldn’t like the milk bumps on him…in my opinion they are too big and too pronounced and they stand out too much…and neither baby shows close up pics of the hair, skin tones, or mouth…and that’s something I look for when buying a reborn…but overall both babies are really cute…bol…and please don’t take this the wrong way…it is just my opinion


Ebay is really slow right now, that is a big problem with sales and I would try and get some better lighting on them. They looked dark in several of the pictures and some of the poses didn’t seem natural but I could see your honeycombing effect on the limbs. I’m not one to give advise on lighting and pics as I am right there with you, and I strive weekly with my camera techniques…but I think those two suggestions might help if you have to re list them. You did a great job on them.


No offense taken. I want them to be better. If Tabatha doesnt sell I will add some hair. Can I put a wash over Tabatha’s lips to make them better?


Well, maybe there’s something wrong with my eyes, but I think they both are precious. I especially loved Tabatha. I know I’ve listed two reborns lately…both 3 times and they have not sold. They are my siggy babies. EBay is funky right now.


Jean, do you have a heat gun?? if so, you could put a couple light layers on the lips and heat set them that way…but you should cover the hair and eyelashes with a wet cloth, so it won’t get singed…if you don’t have a heat gun, you can still put layers on, but you would just have to wet the hair really good and cover with wet cloth before baking


Jean I think your babies are very cute, I like rooted hair the best, I had one on ebay 3 times, didnt sell,I’ll try again closer to Christmas,


Jean I like both your babies they are adorable, I had my siggy on twice, I’m waiting for a while to list anything else. ebay is sooooo slow lately.

    Hugs Tina


I like the paisley more as time goes by. it is so good and can be done
in many ways. this baby is just lovely. I don’t have one so fair and
delicate. I’m sorry I had one rooted dark.