What have you done with your test parts?

My test leg went through the entire painting and baking process in the beginning, including having some lip color applied as well as some REALLY bad milk blobs…I just couldn’t make the small milk bumps. Then came the rooting process. I tried various needles and had really hairy legs. I just took out a lot of the hair so I could try rooting a swirl. The difficult part was the shape…some positions were difficult to hold as I turned it…broke a few needles so I stopped after I got the feel of what I was doing.

I then decided to put it in the oven and see how that would work out. I remembered the hair needed to be wet and covered so I just used some water on the hair and placed a wash cloth on top. I was amazed that the empty holes actually closed…even more amazed at how SOFT the frizzy mohair was! It would probably be even softer if I had put a bit of conditioner on it. I’m impressed!

Oh, also, since it had been rooted several times, the matte varnish was starting to turn white with each new hole. After heating, the white was gone! :smile:

Here’s my little pet leg…


Ha ha looks like you have the beginnings of a little werewolf!


True! Made me think about the baby gorillas… and how difficult they must be to root around the knees and elbows.


Funny looking but you did a good swirl!

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Thanks @snuggle2me! I just started rooting my current baby and I hope to have a nice swirl this time.

I used a test part to see what would happen if I separated the fingers — ummm — yeah, don’t try it.


LOL! That was certainly worth trying, Karen.

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