"What glue to use for hair"?

I like to use Mod Podge…it is waterproof…and I put a thin layer in…set it on a desk fan (turned up towards ceiling) to dry…then put another layer

even if you pull on the hair it won’t come out…you can brush with regular brush and even if the hair is tangled, it doesn’t come out…at least mine don’t…lol

I like GEM-TAC from BB.

I use mod podge also, I put it on thick and let it dry over night I have not had a problem so far


Gina J

Mod Podge here too… so far very happy with it, been using it for 6 years…
Carmen in nj

I use modge podge also, I pour it into the head, swirl it around and then take a used makeup sponge that I used while painting the baby and clamp it between a hemastat and smear it in evenly. I have found if you spread the glue around it dries faster and doesn’t leave air-pockets.