What glue do you use?


I’m wondering which brands of glue some of you use to seal the hair inside the baby’s head after rooting? I usually use gem tac, and once I used silicone caulk in a thin layer, like glue. Just wondering what other options I have…
Let me know what has worked for you! Thanks!


I use Mod Podge…because I bought a baby from someone on this list…and I brushed her hair, and brushed her hair…and NONE of it ever came out…so, I pm’d her and she said she uses Mod Podge, and now I do too…it is awesome… because it pours in the head like liquid…and I use a small amount and smear it around with a brush…then I set the head on a small desk fan (that swivels up) and let it dry overnight…I love it, because the hair doesn’t come out at all


I use a good quality PVA glue, either Hi-Tack or Aileene’s.


Can you tell me what is Mod podge?


this can be bought at wal mart that is were i got mine it is a type of craft glue


I use “The Ultimate” glue. It is made for lots of different surfaces, vinyl being one of them. It doesn’t stink either, goes in white and dries clear. I love it.


I use the Mod podge too. Very easy to smear around and will dry over night with my little desk fan shooting into it.