What ethnicity is my baby?


Ok…I’m not kidding?!? I don’t know what this baby needs besides being trashed. The coloring is darker in real life. I just don’t know what direction this baby is going? I don’t think I can get her any darker with the flesh 3 and umber that I have. I have added yellow, blue and purple undertones and mid tones. I feel like she is destined to be Native American. Am I wrong? She is not my best work with the creases getting a dirty look. But I do want to finish her.




Oops forgot the picture


What I can see of her looks good to me. Definitely don’t trash her. Try adding a few layers of red, yellow and blue washes.


I’m a newbie, but I just think you need to warm her up. :grinning:


I was thinking I need to make the skintone darker…but maybe I am done and should add some blushing?


Have you done the creases and blush? I find that when I’m stuck doing the creases and blush help me get a better idea of what I need to do next. But definitely don’t trash it. There is nothing wrong with it .Just take a step back and compare it to other dolls if you have any. That helps too.


I know this may be weird but I put the eyes in before I am completely done and that helps me to see what the baby is lacking. It may help you decide the ethnicity.