What dolls can be rooted?

Let’s say your cruising through dolls on eBay. You find a vinyl doll you think would be great to reborn & ask seller if they have a soft squishy head or a hard head. Can you poke a needle through easily? I have asked & asked & no one (usually) gets the question & they tell me they don’t know.

Does anyone know any specific dolls that are easy to root? I’ve read masterpiece, Ashton Drake, Paradise Galleries, Cititoy, Middleton etc. But they aren’t all soft right? I know some AD are soft headed & some aren’t.

Is there a list of dolls people have had success with rooting? Would anyone like to start one?


Here’s the only one I know for sure:

AD Emily 2004

I have rooted two Paradise Galleries dolls, and they are sooo easy to root. Although be careful…once I bought an older PG doll and it was made out of hard plastic so it could not be rooted at all. I’ve rooted a masterpiece doll, and it wasn’t too hard to root since I use BB’s ultra strong needles Same with the AD dolls…they weren’t too bad. I rooted one Middleton doll and his head was harder than the Ashton Drake dolls for me, but not too hard to root. The BB needles still never broke on me! I have rooted Berenguer dolls as well, and they were fine. So I think most dolls can be rooted unless there is a metal plate in its head like I’ve read about on some dolls. Also, the dolls with pre-rooted hair probably couldn’t be rooted since they already have pretty big holes in their heads. I hope this helps!

Hi everyone,

I´ve actually rooted dolls with VERY hard heads. I mean those heads
that are impossible to squeze at all. Rock hard!!
The trick I learned was to heat them up under a lightbulb one little spot at a time.
But you had to watch it so the head wasn´t overheated. But once warm, the vinyl softened for a while so you had to root while the spot was warm. It
cooled of rather quickly. So You heated for a couple of minutes an then you rooted for about four or five before it cooled of. Not all that hard to do once
you got the hang of it.
This was years ago though.

Emmani from Sweden

Thanks ladies! This is one of the most confusing things for me. I bought a couple that looked soft & turned out to feel like hard plastic, though they were listed as vinyl. But they had the best faces! One was by dolls so real. Maybe I can try the heat lamp.

What is the part number for the correct needle? Thanks so much!