What does the extra pink vinyl look like?

I still haven’t seen what this vinyl looks like. Is it much pinker than the regular pink?

I don’t know if this helps but here is a picture of a pink Shyann And Bella

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I really don’t see any difference between the two pinks. I just finished a pink Paisley and just started on a pink Sydney and see no difference in the regular pink vinyl and the extra pink vinyl.

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Were Paisley and Sydney effected by the Xtra pink? I thought it was just the newer releases. Or maybe I am reading that wrong lol Could be, ya know…old age and all…LOL

Thanks! I never was a fan of the RDK vinyl. Too pink for me.

I have found that 3 earth mint washes and the RDK pink vinyl is good to go. So, I would thing the same would be true of this extra pink vinyl from BB. Does anyone know if this is a real mistake, or is it going to be the new pink? Just wondering. I have heard both rumors around.
I figure a little extra work, and a couple of extra bakes is well worth the savings on the extra pink stuff. But, Angie, don’t you use LDC paints? In that case I can see your reticence in using the RDK vinyl color.
good luck with the bargains all…I wouldn’t mind the pink…it is the green of money that I am lacking at the moment!!!

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Does anyone know if this is a real mistake, or is it going to be the new pink?

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Even though the extra pink is relatively easy to work with, we still consider it to be a manufacturing mistake. And that’s also why we priced the extra pink so aggressively-- to move it out. (and, that also tells you what we think of RDK’s vinyl color since it is more or less the same extra pink color )

We like our Newborn Pink color. We like it a lot. However, if it ends up even a little more pink than that, it’s like falling off a cliff (if you’ll excuse the metaphor), and we don’t like it. Consequently, this experience has left us a little gun-shy of pink. Although we plan on continuing with our original Newborn Pink, we are probably going to give Peach a little more favoritism in the future than we have done in the past.

Bountiful Baby

Oh BB you just made my day!! I prefer the peach because I consider it more of a blank canvas!! Thank you!!

Oh dear, I have a Lorenzo also so now I suppose I will just have to start washing it down with mint. Thank goodness I bought some already!!

Now, just waiting for the new releases!!!

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But, Angie, don’t you use LDC paints? In that case I can see your reticence in using the RDK vinyl color.

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Yes, I do use LDC paints and neutralizing pink vinyl works just as well with LDC paints. You just create a mint color and neutralize just like you do with Genesis. In fact, I can do anything with LDC that I can do with Genesis. The paint I am using is not the issue for me. I just don’t like to have to neutralize kits. I much prefer the cream color that a lot of the kits are being made out of now because they don’t have to be neutralized at all. I can just start painting building my 3D skin layers rather than having to put several blanket layers of something to neutralize them first. When choosing a BB kit I usually get the peach but the peach vinyl does have that bit of gray undertone and needs some warmth added to it. I would be willing to work with a little pink for a $14.95 kit but the extra pink might just send me over the edge like the RDK kits I did back when I was using Genesis did. To me they just always looked pink even after I neutralized them. It was like the vinyl color just kept coming through the paint. So I ended up not getting any on this sale. Great deals for those who can work with it though.

Thin it much thinner than you would the other layers and apply it as you would the other layers. Bake after each application. It may take more than one.

Hi New Person! LOL
If you use the mint wash you want to mix it like 1/2 tablespoon of odorless thinner to two brushes of the earthmint. Then apply it with a cosmetic sponge evenly. You should almost see NO difference at all in the color, that is how lightly you want to do it. then bake. The repeat it like Karen said, then do it again. The RDK vinyl will take about 3 or 4 washes before you can work on it. It’s actually pretty easy. Just a little time consuming. I have cheated and used the earth mint in a thicker solution but it really didn’t turn out too well, So, wouldn’t recommend it.

Good luck!