What do you use to shade the nose?

I’ve always opened my noses. I want to try just shading but every time I do the nose just looks dirty. What do you use to shade your baby’s nostrils?


I use like a dark purplish-red. I shade using a small brush then pounce with mop brush


I started using black just like it would be if there would be a hole there. just right at the back. not getting any on the sides. I liked it better than the others I was using. I didn’t like the idea of putting a hole there so I tried different things.


I use the same color that I used for the creases adding a thin layer of dark purple to make it a little darker.


I start by letting my washes go inside the nostrils. Usually I finish off with a small amount of brown. Ends up looking very natural.

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Thanks, sounds like you all do something similiar. I’ll give it a try. :smile:

Mine always look dirty too, and I try to use a toothpick to get some of it out but it usually just makes it worse. I’ve been stuck opening all of mine bc no matter what I use it looks dirty.

I use all my mottling and creases colors that i put on the kit while painting. I tend to use the lighter colors towards the exit and darker colors i concentrate towards the back of the hole and fade it as it comes toward the exit. I tend to do the same with the inner ear. It gives it a realistic look i think having blue, purple and reds.

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