What do you think?

this is my daughters first ultrasound for her baby what do you think, i say it looks like a duck with a beak lol. marlene

I love u/s pics! The baby is actually looking at you and waving!! (the part that looks like a beak is a hand in motion) Well I’m pretty sure anyway. Congratulations on your impending blessing

I see a wood pecker but it is a lovely wood pecker. I know from experiences (11 grandbabies) that they do improve.

Precious, absolutely precious!!! LOL!


Do you know if it’s a little boy or little girl yet. Silly, question but can the ultra-sound show you that?
Anyway, congratulations. Babies truly are the most beautiful little gifts in the world. I’m 66 and going to be a great aunt again. It’s my sister’s 7th grandchild and so far she has all boys. Maybe this one will be a little girl. I was buying a doll for her on ebay when I discovered reborns. It has become part of my life.

I think reborn artists are very special people who love creating beautiful baby dolls and passing them on to new mommies.
Be sure to post a picture of your real little one when he or she arrives.

hi victoria no we wont know untill april, but she has 3 boys already ,so i think its time for a girl lol. this will be my 7th grandchild and they all live on my street so i guess i am going to be busy again. hugs marlene