What do you think of this mohair color?

I dyed this using some new golden red acid dye I bought. I was kinda hoping for more of a carrot color but it turned out darker than I thought it would. I will know next time to use less concentration of dye than what the package said to get a lighter color. Do you think this is a color that could be used on a baby? It is kinda dark copper or maybe auburn. Not really sure what to call it. It will look lighter when rooted I know too.

My oldest was born with red hair and from age 2-4 it was just about that color, maybe just a little lighter but like you said it will root lighter

While I am sure that there are babies born with red hair in my opinion it is a little bright. I have also noticed that red haired reborns don’t seem to do so well, but just my thoughts and observations.

I love that color! It’s very pretty.

It’s not bright in person really. I think the flash makes it look more bright. It is nice and shiny though.

it is sorta funny i am rooting a baby int hat color now…no pics yet but i really like it

good to know! Can’t wait to see her!

Hey Angie…If I were rooting that red hair I would root kinda sparsely. I think that would make it look lighter. I love the color but haven’t seen that dark of red on a reborn. I think it would look cute!
Show us when your done.


I think it’s awesome. It will be lighter and I think that will be perfect. I have a cousin who as a baby had that exact hair color with very blue eyes and peaches and cream complexion. She was a beautiful baby.
Can’t wait to see her finished.

My red haired baby is the one and only doll I’ve ever sold. She sold within 24 hrs. of listing her on etsy. So I’m sure there area people out there who like the red heads.

Thats a beautiful color!!! I wouldn’t mind having a doll with that color of hair.

I actually had a lady on Ebay to contact me when I had my Vanessa sculpt listed and she asked me if I would consider doing a red head reborn and listing it towards the end of November so she could bid on it. SO I know there are some people who like them.

I actually saw a little one with that hair color a few hours ago…she had navy eyes and peach and cream complexion…she was the cutest …i memorized it to remember to make a reborn look like her…

I think it will look great!

I love it and it’s a color you don’t see often! This looks beautiful with the deep blue eyes and peaches & cream complexion. Right now I would call it an Auburn, but if you root it sparsely like a newborns hair is, It should look much lighter. I would go for it! If it is still to dark after rooting just seal the hair and wash with a mild shampoo and cond…this should lighten it up quite a bit. I have done this on occasions and it works great. Can’t wait to see your baby finished…

Don’t know if anyone mentioned it but it’s a perfect color for the bb orangutan’s too!


This one is going to have the red hair so I am trying to give her very subtle coloring. What do you think?

i agree with all, it is a bold color but it will lighten when rooted, and especially if it is a sparsly rooted baby. do you ever consider selling it in that color??? vesta bol. i love it.

I think that is a great coloring for the Auburn color hair Angie! If I were doing it can I suggest softening the lips a bit with the genesis glazing gel. This will lighten a color just a tad after it is baked on, 2 layers at most. I would also add a few darker brow hairs (brown) to it’s eyebrows to give it a two-tone effect which looks good with the Red colored hair. Just little wisps in and among the brow hairs. I have a Welcome Home Emily, that is an older doll which is done this way and she is beautiful. Just a suggestion, I think this one is going to look beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you do…