What do you think of Jade

hello everyone I would like to do realborn jade I am not very expert on the subject so I ask you for advice
What color she used to get this skin tone?


You’ll have to use all kinds of colors to create a lifelike skin tone. We can’t tell you what another artist used as everyone does things differently and lots of people mix colors as well.
I’d suggest to look up tutorials and go from there. You won’t be able to make a perfect reborn on the first try, that will take lots of practice. Just start with tutorials and try to develop your own style.


Agree with above. It’s not just one color to make a realistic baby,
It’s tons of colors and tons of thin layers, a baby like the one from the pic you posted is easily a $500+ baby.
You’ll need to watch tons of videos on painting, learning the color wheel and shades, tones etc.
It’s all about practice.
No 2 artist are alike and even if they used the exact same colors, no 2 babies are alike.
You’ll need blues,browns,yellows,reds,pinks,greens,purples,white,black etc.


I agree with both other comments. Don’t go into this thinking you’ll make your doll look exactly like a prototype because you’ll end up disappointed in your work. There are tutorials that you can follow that will get you a similar result to the tutorial writer’s doll but even still it won’t be exactly the same. Everyone paints differently and that’s what makes this art interesting. Don’t worry about getting perfection, just keep building your skills and you’ll get your own style that is unique to you. Good luck!


I definitely see some yellow ochre in there

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Idk. But it’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:


Unfortunately you’re not going to find a reborn for that price, especially not one of that size. The kit alone costs about that much. You may be able to find a newborn or preemie sized booboo doll for that price but probably not

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As what MilosMeadows said. Toddler sculpts even the most affordable will be close to $150 ish in supplies alone.
Also there aren’t but two websites (beside personal artist websites) that sell legit reborns.
You can find a newborn size baby for around $200, you may find a boo boo toddler for $200 but it will be a boo boo. I don’t think I’ve seen toddlers cheaper then $300 ish unless it was boo boo.

Those two websites many artist sell on. Any other websites promising gorgeous high end realistic babies for a cheap ($150 or less) price is a SCAM

Also just caught the 46 inches. That would be a child size doll and those sculpts are over $200 in supplies alone sadly