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Buying poorly made reborns and dolls that need lots of tlc and completely redoing them. Stripping all their paint and re-reborning them? I like to do extreme makeovers, but I am wondering how others feel about this. I know that I don’t like when people buy my babies and resell them, but do you think its wrong to buy them and re reborn them yourself? Tell me what you think? And be honest. I just bought a poorly made doll off of eBay today with the intent of redoing it myself, but I also know how it feels to worry if someone is going to buy my babies for the wrong reasons.

I am with Karen, It seems it would be cheaper to just buy a new kit and not have to take all the paint and such off. But if I found a kit that I really wanted that had allready been reborn and I couldn’t get the kit by all means I would buy it and redo it!

Well I just bought a blinkin doll for $35.00. I figured strip the paint and save money. It may take longer, but the blinkin kit is selling for $69 I think. Also, I love taking before and after pictures. About 3 years ago, I bought a supply lot off of a lady who had sold me heads and limbs that were partially reborned. Only recentlychave I figured out how to remove the paint from them. I think its fun to take a baby that needs lots of work and fix it. I don’t want to down the previous reborned efforts though. I’m sure they did work hard even if it didn’t turn out so great. I think we all work hard.

I wish I could find a deal like that. If it is something you like to do I don’t see the harm in it. I would love to see some before and after pictures of the babies you have redone!!!

I have to say that I have mxed feelings. I am sure the person worked really hard at what they did. Yet, I see some on eBay that I wonder about. I think back to my early ones and I wouldn’t care if someone bought it to re-do, as I didn’t think they were all that great. What I am learning is that I have to be willing to put a better price on mine and get for it what it is really worth. I say–go for it.

When I sell a doll, I don’t care what they do with them once they get them. They can turn them into little ghouls for all I care. I got what I wanted out of it, and that’s the sale.

I agree with everyone -go for it -but I would suggest that some care be taken not to reveal the 1st reborners id by say removeing all the clothing and not useing any of their auction pics mabe even recombing the hair -ect -someone may still rec.the doll but if they ask about it just say -I would rether not say who was the org.reborner was -its mine now !! And I am sure you already thought of all this but posted it cause someone else might not have

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What possible harm would there be to someone doing this? I think that once I SELL a doll to another then they have total control over the doll and what they do with her. They bought and paid for her…she belongs to them now. I certainly would remove her name and any thing that would have come with her in her original acution. But that is all.