What do you ladies think of my first sculpt?

I started sculpting with Pat Moultons help. What do you ladies think of it so far?

Is this your first sculpt? Wow, I love it! Good job.

Wowie, girlfriend Fantastic work for your very first one!!! You do have talent You Go Girl!!!

nice job!

Gosh thank you ladies!! Yes it is my first sculpt. I still have to finish the eyes and start the ears. If i didn’t have Pat Moulton’s DVD i wouldn’t have known where to start.

Nice job! I can’t wait to see the rest of her!!

Thank you i can’t wait either.

Very cute. Is sculpting hard to do, it looks hard.

I can say that it’s not easy. It seems like i have been working on this head forever.

wow, great job…can’t wait to see it finished…awesome…is the sculpting video that you used for sale?? thanks

Carolyn thank you so very much! I think that you can still purchase it on her website.

Yes, she does have it for sale on her website, plus a few other supplies that you would find helpful in sculpting. She is so friendly and helpful to talk with. I loved her DVD and hope to try to sculpt after the holidays.
http://www.patmoultonsbabycollection.co … &Itemid=26


You did a great job on your first sculpt! I love her chubby cheeks and her lips. I can’t wait to see her finished!

You did a great job!
I hope to try sculpting sometime in the near future. =]

WOW that looks great. It looks like Pat sculpted it!!!

Can you tell me how long the DVD is?

What material is used in sculpting a baby? Is there a form you use to get the right measurements? It looks like something I might like to try. Is it expensive to start?

Thanks for the information. One more question. When the clay is baked does it get hard? What does the completed baby feel like?

Yes you are so right about Pat!! I just love her to death!! She has helped me so much with this sculpt. We also talk back and forth on the phone. I couldn’t have done this sculpt without her. Bless her heart!!


What a great job you’re doing!