What do u send with your babies

I have some idea on what I’ll send with my swap baby but wanted to see what others send or would like to receive with your baby to see if it gives me better ideas than what i have in mind

A blanket of course and an extra outfit. Birth Certificate. I make bracelet. Paci, hairbow, a toy maybe. pictures if you wish. A second outfit, gosh I am having a brain fart. Anything you think goes with your baby. possibly a bottle and maybe paci holder.

I usually have two or three outfits, socks and maybe shoes or booties, hospital bracelet, bottle, bracelet, extra diaper, blanket, pacifier, stuffed animal, photo in a little frame, birth announcement card, birth certificate, care sheet, business cards, hair bands and bows for girls, some kind of little hat, scratch mittens. I know, I send alot of stuff. If I took alot of photos and I feel like it, I send a cd with the photos on it.

I haven’t ever done a swap baby but if I did, I probably be more likely to send little extras with it than with one I sell. Mainly because I’m still not making a profit of very much on the ones I’ve sold. I think part of the fun of the swap would be a few toys or bottle or paci. Not extravagant but just something to add to the excitement. Even used if it is something special or cute like a fancy bib or a pair of shoes.