What do these babies need to make their skin tone look normal?


I don’t think they need warming… Both looks like they have nice pink skin tones. I think the burnt Umber or yellow ochre may make them appear orange or deepening their tone.


There was mottling…about 20 layers ago. :roll_eyes:


I’m missing purple! Maybe a purple mottle and some color on the lids?


If it were me, I wouldn’t touch Ramsey either really. MAYBE add a little mottling on Darren.


Agreed. Do not touch Ramsey. :blush:


I’ve never had that problem. I love burnt umber. I also use yellow ochre. I mix the two together and sponge away! Lol. I really do like your skin tones though and I think they are perfect the way they are! Once you do the finer details, that may be what your looking for.


@Pcrank56 When my mottling become less visible after skin tone washes, I do them again.


When I do a just born baby I do layers or red, pink, blue and purple. Skin tone is used at the final stages for highlighting and that is it.
I think with Ramsey if you add some blushing, more shading for the creases and some very pale blue undertones in some areas he will really come to life. Also some yellow in some areas as well. Try to be more confident in yourself because they both look beautiful.
Since it is the final detail stages don’t forget that your paint should be very thin :blush:


I would do a teal or some other blue/green wash on Darren, personally but Ramsey looks done!


What I do is try to get my skin tone down first, with my flesh washes and some warming. Then I start undertones, shading, mottling, go to creases, and blushing; and then do very thin blending layers in whatever colors might be needed, with an occasional very thin, light flesh wash. But I try not to add to many flesh layers after my initial flesh color/skin tone layers. I avoid chalkiness that way, too.


I highly recommend Lara Antonucci’s REAL Reborn tutorial books for when you’re starting out or even if later on you need a refresher.


When I started I used Kim reborn with me videos. They are an excellent foundation and she does a great job of teaching the techniques. My thought process when I reborn is I work from the outside in. In a body you have all the blood flowing under the skin, so I do all of my blue undertones and mottling first. The next layer is fat, which is yellow, so I represent that with my warm wash. Then comes hypodermis, which is a red wash, followed by complexion layers. This motif satisfies the biologist in me.