What do I need to add


This is my 5th baby, and with 2 others I e done I’ve reached this point and then gone too far. I don’t want to spoil this one. I’m going for the newborn look. Do you think I need more flesh layers? Does he look “alive” enough?


Coming out really nice, I would add some burnt umber.


I agree. A burnt umber wash or two would be perfect.


Burnt umber wash and mottling layers :slight_smile:


I’ve done mottling already…a purple and also a red. Maybe they’re covered up now…


Ok, I’ll try the burnt umber, thanks!


One more reddish mottling layer.


I would try to darken the other eye crease to match first


I average about 7 colors for mottling…it’s all about building the skin tones. I Do Not bake in between…it would take forever lol. Just let them dry well. :slight_smile:


If you look at real newborns, they’re quite pink/red all over so maybe a pink wash?


I keep doing the same thing! I get to a point where I’m happy and then second guess myself and end up with regrets. How do you know when to stop?


I came across Joseph. i started him a few months back and i forgot about him–how does that happen??. Brought him out the other day. I’ll see how I’m doing. I can’t even remember what i did!! I do not like his nostrils. On mine that is.


Top is before, bottom is today. I’ve done 3 burnt umber washes, 2 of the pyrolle red 02 (pink) washes. I fixed the crease in the left eye. I did a light blue mottling and a light red/blush mottling.

What do you think? Does he need anything else?


He looks good. Much warmer and blends nicer now. Maybe some blue or thin skin shading? Wait, Is this Joseph? Your limbs look different than mine, so I go check mine-I forgot I used Logan limbs. It’s been that long. I tried pan pastel on lips&creases(x-dark red/mixed @anjsmiles-I like it) I tend to overdo hand/feet creases, so I’ll blush later. Now if I can just remember where i left off.


I just love his little face!


So, a blue wash? I hesitate using blue, as it seems I always overdo it




It’s so easy to cover them up. They make the doll have a baby look though. I would do umber wash and then more mottling. Don’t me afraid to use many mottling layers. It seems to disappear.


No, just shading the thin skin areas. Bridge of nose, temples, bottom of feet, wrists etc. I use air dry and usually like to do that early on just in case I overdo it. It may just not be showing up on my monitor. I can’t even see mine! He looks good.