What did you do today?

I always am curious how others spend their day. I hope you had a good day. Want to share what you did?

Sounds like a busy day. I had an emotional day today. I went to work and cleaned everything our of my room except the tv and fridge which is too heavy for me to do right now. I am limited to lifting less than 20 lbs still. This was my other bedroom and my other house. I still have to put everything thing up at home but it is official now, I am no longer full time employed at AET. I will work one day a month there to keep up my lisensure. I went to the bank to deposit my pay check and a guy was begging money so I called my sis who was dispatching to get an officer to check him out. He was not a local but I had seen him wondering around town and getting hateful with an elderly man who was driving so I did not have to intervien. I am all for helping someone who needs it but he was high and get this a character witness for someone who was in court today. How funny is that? I got 2 orders from BB and I sorted out heads and arms and legs and my Christmas babies are washed and eyes in and ready for reborning and then bodies. I did run thru Sonic for lunch, not a good idea and went shopping for my round robin.

In between trying to clean a little bit of my kitchen and coughing, I tried to use the ghsp some more. I think I’ve decided that all of you guys are crazy!!! This stuff is way too much work and time consuming too. I know that I had a few problems with the luminaires but had finally figured out what was going on and how to fix it. And I could lay on the bed and paint layer after layer. Then just bake one time to use the genesis matte to take care of the shine. I’m exhausted and I only got a couple of layers on two dolls and the blood veins on another. Tempted to try for one more layer but the thought of heating the oven up again is just too much trouble. On the other hand, I really want to work on them. But nah.

Wow you are busy also. I used to do Zumba then I was working so much when I did get a day off it took all my free time to do laundry and clean my house. I am planning on going back to zumba as soon as I get the all clear form the Dr. I go back to him Monday so maybe we will see. I have lost almost 10 lbs tho just being able to eat when and what I should.

Good luck on your job interview. I am hoping for a 20 hour a week job to come along. It sure is nice to have a clean house and supper done when hubby comes home as you said. Now I have the dogs, cats, ducks and guineas put up and supper fed. I just finished the last rooting on baby for the Halloween party! I am going to modge podge tomorrow. I have to finish the skin, I am experimenting and put her head on. Woo Hoo I bought my round robin gifts and in the mailer and wrapped and addressed. I get to start those Christmas babies for those little girls I have been talking about.

— Begin quote from “JansCountryBumpkins”

I worked on my halloween baby til noon, then headed to town…mind you, I live way out in the country. Well I got as far as the mail box a mile from home and discovered A rock had gashed my front tire! The remainder of my day in 95 degree heat was walking half a mile to my neighbor for help! Cell phones don’t get a signal here in the valley between mountains! I left my car on side of road, they drove me home, and another neighbor drove down and replaced my tire! His wife drove my car home then I took her home…really fun day!! I took a much needed nap!!! I love country living…really I do!

— End quote

oh my! 95 wow I wish it were that warm here in October, I think. I hate you had a flat, I live in the country also and I love it.

Beckie, I see you did have a busy day. I am curious about the soap. I have never heard of that. IS it non allergenic? I will have to look that up. I have allergy issues sometimes and am always scared of changing anything. My son is allergic to dove soap. They always advertise 99.99% pure I guess what ever the .01% is he is allergic to.

My son was allergic to Ivory that is supposed to be pure too. He isn’t as bad now but has to use Tide laundry soap still. As for you ladies and your days, just reading about it exhausts me! Most days of mine revolve around lying in bed. Which gets boring but isn’t exhausting yet I still end up sleeping 8-10 hours a night.

I have been getting up the last month and feeding the cats when my husband gets up or comes in from work (he works a revolving weird schedule). Then I lay back down and either go online or back to sleep or both like this morning when I fell asleep in the middle of being on ebay. I get Cait up for her day sometime between 10 and 11 which is way later than she should be getting started. She does school, I check the doll forums and we muddle through the pets and lunch and life. Once or twice a week I get out of the house to town. Usually a chiropractor visit, a trip to walmart and the grocery stores, go to the bookstore to see my other daughter, stop next door to pick up meds at the pharmacy and take the ferry home. Things get done around here by me if I am having a good week or Cait makes supper if I’m not. Greg works 12 hour shifts so he has a lot of days off that he helps out here and does laundry and yard work.

Boring life compared to most I know which is why some of my siblings think that I need to get a life. Unfortunately, I’m probably never going to be well again. So I live the life that God gave me and if that means being not able to do some things, He is still with me. My husband and my kids understand and they are the ones that count!

Beckie sure I would like it and will try it.

Yesterday I did a reborning marathon. I did 9 babies. I painted and baked them 3 at at time. Now this kind of marathon is not normal. No way could I do that often. I am trying to get those Christmas babies finished. I had those 1/4 limbs and had to neutralize them. I do not want to do that again ever, I am still worn out I started about 0700 and finished at 2100. I have to go back this morning to finish and put some little beauty marks and such then I have 9 heads to root. I could host a rooting party if someone lived close enough. We could root and bond.

Oh goodness I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

I spent yesterday evening crocheting hair bands only to find out that the last three I made are all too long…way too long. Oh well, I’ll use them for something or give them to some little girls! Figure that this is good practice to try to get better at it. Maybe today I’ll try, try again!