What did I do wrong!

I just varnished my Johanna kit. I used the baking power n deco mixture. How can I fix this? I tried water n it didn’t help.


I’ve never tried that only DE and Cornstarch, sure hope you can fix it.

I don’t know why I keep saying powder, it was cornstarch.


Oh that did happen to me one time but I forgot to dissolve the cornstarch in the water first. I think I just rubbed it wit a makeup wedge and it came off. I do use Air Dry though!

I dissolved the corn starch in water first, then mixed in the decor.mi tried rubbing it off with water n without.

Try a q tip dipped in water…gently rub it.

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OK push comes to shove it can be a baby with dry skin, JMO. Hope you can get it off though!

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Looks like perfect vernix to me. I’d leave it just like that, a happy accident.


:joy::joy:, I probably do that. I don’t wanna try to wipe it off n wipe off no paint. Thanks


I’ve been reborning for 8 years. I’ve used several paint mediums other than Genesis, including pastels and prism pencils. I have numerous flexible matte and satin sealants, depending on the effect I wish to achieve. But I’ve never heard of cornflour as a finish!

I know flour and can be used for paper mache creations, but these dry rigid. As a cook, I can tell you cornflour mixtures spilt on a surface will dry hard, then crack and flake. Reborn vinyl is soft and needs a plyable sealant. Also, as food stuff, would it not attract vermin damage?

It’s corn starch that is used.


Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Britain call corn starch, corn flour. Very white, super fine powder. Food stuff all the same.

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I’ve had my reborns with corn starch on them for a while now. Some of them are a few years old. It doesn’t flake and there’s no bugs or anything. It’s perfectly safe.

Oh, :+1:t3: