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That’s the real problem. People do not educate themselves. :confounded:


Lol my 8 year old daughter was arguing with me this morning saying that they now make silicone babies that actually grow! She said she’d seen it on YouTube (of course). I told her there were no such things, but I’m sure buyers will be asking for them soon!


@Bec1273 You know… there could be a market for that if you could figure out how to make it work. :joy::joy::joy: Your daughters a genius!


Do you remember when you first saw reborn doll? I do, it just popped up somewhere on the side of what I was looking and I thought “that is nice doll”. I clicked on it and it was on eBay auction and the price was about $20, so I bid of -course, it ended up going for few thousands (it was a prototype). But then I saw others much cheaper. I tried to find out more and googled reborn dolls, but it’s just a luck of draw what will google throw out for you. It was just a good luck that I have very early on managed to get in touch with somebody who actually manufactures kits in Germany, and he explained to me about vinyl, silicon and the non existent silicon/vinyl.

When people look at the dolls and the descriptions on ebay or other sites, it is extremely confusing. Some dolls go for thousands, others are very cheap and look really nice (to newcomers) but are in China, and people do not understand that what they get might not look like that. Then they are absolutely horrid ones with pluggy rooting, and white blobs on nails, and the seller raves about being professional artist, and how the dolls are going to be family heirlooms. While some are very cheap, done by very talented newbies. It is not easy to sort out what is what and why are the prices the way they are.

Not all people understand how expensive the good silicone is, and the quality difference with the silicone from China. It’s not easy to find the correct info, especially when artists who should know better call their dolls silicone/vinyl.

It is up to each seller to describe what they sell, and if they do not describe it properly and honestly, the buyer has the right to complain and get their money back through PP. Spelling out exactly what you are selling is insurance policy for the seller.


Yes and thanks for the reminder. I do sometimes forget to add that myself (in local listings).


Not in Australia :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…they’re still finding out about vinyl ‘reborn’ babies. Once they get over that shock they might move on to silicone. :wink:


Don’t forget the box opening :roll_eyes:


Came across this somewhere on Facebook yesterday and I immediately thought of all the eBay questions I get! :joy:


So true ! :joy: