What bugs me


The thing that bugs me is that almost every single listing for a baby on face book has a comment by someone asking “Is he/she silicone?” Just sitting here watching this low scoring national championship football game…pondering mynpet peeves. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Obviously these same people don’t know anything about silicone dolls, the price alone should tell them it ISN’T a silicone!! They walk among us!!


I know and I so want to be a smart bu** and educate them.


SO—go for it!! hahahaha


I’d probably get banned from the groups…


Yeah, that’s a problem now a days, nobody has a sense of humor!! hahahaha


I think alot of it has to do with amazon and ebay, with the vinyl/silicon thing.i had a woman buy my nina and that was one of the things she asked about.she also asked about the glass beads and the stuffing. She told me that she had been lurking on Facebook for awhile and was on alot of the doll sites.now mind you she had never seen a reborn before she said,just online. if i wasn’t honest i could have lied and told her " why yes its silicon" and added a zero to her price.:smirk::unamused:.


Also can you made me a cheap reborn baby! There’s no such thing everybody wants one for Less hundred dollars…


It bugs me even more when I see people sell a second hand reborn as silicone. And I’m just sitting there like, no, that’s vinyl. I know that kit. There’s no way that that’s a silicone.
And the ones asking for a cheap doll. I once had someone asking if I could lower the price on a full body toddler because they had gotten two newborn size reborns for free and she’d like them to have a big sister. The price she offered wouldn’t even cover the costs of the kit. :joy:


Maybe people should use the word VINYL in description. There will always be people who do not know about reborns, and when they come across them, and start looking around they do not have a clue. We cannot assume that the whole world knows what is what in reborns.

I had somebody trying to get money back claiming the baby is not as described because “it’s not silicone”. Fortunately, I always tick the vinyl in the item specifics, and also have said something like “nice soft German vinyl” in the description section… So she had no leg to stand on.


I personally don’t use Facebook(I get stalked by my ex​:expressionless:), only recently did I decide to post/look at the reborn groups. I hop on my Dads when ever I’m visiting. But here’s what I’ve learned in my brief time there… no one reads. It’s like everyone there is illiterate. They look at the pictures and that is it. And then they comment… :joy: Completely absurd comments! It’s a fiasco. And every doll is obviously silicone. Only cost $175 shipped? It’s definitely silicone! :laughing:


I totally agree with this. Unless you’re someone who’s a serious collector and been around for a long time or an artist then it’s very understandable that a lot of folks are totally confused about the vinyl/silicone thing. I’ve actually seen people, who I believe know better, list completed dolls and/or kits as vinyl/silicone. Then they call people scammers and time wasters for asking them 10,000 questions.

I’m no prototype artist be any means, but I’ve seen some pretty horrible babies listed for sell, so horrible that the artist should be the one paying someone to take it off their hands or they should be giving it away.


Oh my! You are so right.


I’m not on any of those Facebook groups, but now I kind of want to see them. :joy:


I have nothing to add! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: y’all said it all here. Just leaving my stamp of approval :crazy_face:

Good morning everybody!


Everyone who finds out that I reborn, asks me if mine are silicone. :weary:


I’m sorry but I disagree with some of the reasoning here. It’s like comparing a Toyota to a Mercedes. No! You may not get a silicone doll for a less than vinyl doll price. It’s just lack of common sense mostly and people wanting something for nothing. I mean, whenever I buy ANYTHING I research quality, price, etc…so I know if I’m getting a good product for the price. Lack of knowledge about what you want to buy is no excuse. Especially with all the options out there now and plenty of websites/pages devoted to just silicones. Not to mention that this is a chunk of money so you should do some research. I think people do see the China silicones and think that is the norm and want to see if they can get a better one for that same price.


Yes, it has to be less than $100 but IT NEEDS TO HAVE ROOTED HAIR AND A FRONT PLATE AND A FULL LAYETTE!!! :grin:


@Simone and anatomically correct with a drink and wet system.


@hellbunny33 …and it needs to be able the BREATHE and it needs A HEARTBEAT LMAO.

ETA I’m surprised they don’t ask for one that can TALK!