What body should I use

I’m doing Blessing by Marita Winters, can anyone help me on what body I should use??

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The information I found on her says she’s 15" with full arms and full legs, you could use this body https://bountifulbaby.com/collections/full-limbs/products/4991 for her. The reviews say it’s a great preemie body. OR you could purchase Marita’s body for her on her site: http://www.winterswhimsies.com/Preemie%20Blessing%20Kit.html

Thank you soooooo much, I truely appreciate it :heart:

I think mine came with a body but I can’t remember clearly. A 15 inch full limbed body would work though, just make sure it’s not too chubby. She’s very skinny and would look weird with a fat body.


I got the one that goes with her from winterswhimsies.com I love this kit. She’s just so sweet. At the ROSE show, Marita told me she was sculpted after a real preemie.


I think her grand daughter. At least that is what her grand daughter told me at ROSE. She is a ball of positive energy. Such a sweet girl.


I agree with using the 15” to 17” body for a preemie…it’s absolutely perfect BUT… I recently bought #4991 and I didn’t like the body. It didn’t offer the cute little booty design and the body looked disproportioned when filled. …just my opinion.


Wow, I think she has the cutest little face

I agree

Thank you.I just used this body today and it was perfect: https://bountifulbaby.com/collections/full-limbs/products/2081

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