What BB kits are good sellers?

Just curious if y’all have any opinions on what BB kits are good sellers and popular besides the out of stock kits.

I really like Morgan, Teagan, Molly and Meg.
Alot of people like Sofie because she can suck her thumb.
Ember’s also a good one.
It’s just the more realistic you make them the better IMO.

I’ve sold 2 Morgan’s, a Trey (as a girl), Tori (as a boy), Tegan, Tayla, Avery,Sugar and a biracial Brea, as a boy, and got another one of those to do. Also did a Paige and Kyra but probably wouldn’t do either of those again unless it was a custom.
Shyann was a sweet one to do! And she sold really well.
I love Ember. I think that is a sweet face, but I still have the one I did because I have hair rooting issues on it. I may re-reborn it and paint the hair on it.

shyanne but ofcourse that is out of stock. I like Morgan, Molly, Meg, Moby, and cant wait for Kameko to come.

I think Shyann is the ultimate winner at this time.

Morgan seems like a favorite too and the twins (Sugar and Honey, but Sugar is ahead).

I particularly think Aisha is gorgeous too.

I’m with you Lisa on the limb’s

I agree about Ember and Paisley. Ember’s limbs are wonderful. I also do not like Riley or Morgan’s limbs.
Thanks for your imput!