What Babies Are Everyone Working On?

Hi Everyone,
It has been such a long time. I have not had much dolly making time in the past couple months but now with things settling down I am finally taking the plunge back in. Ugh! LOL… I decided to try my hand at a solid silicone doll. It is just a Paradise Galleries Silicone Doll but I wanted to see what it was like rooting a solid silicone.
I have 2 solid silicone forever babies which one is bald and the other is currently being rooted and repainted by the sculptor (Melissa McCrory) as I just did not want to chance my hand on an expensive baby without trying my hand at a silicone doll first.
I have started rooting the doll, and have about a quarter of her head done.
As soon as she is all finished she will be going to ebay as I just can not keep any other babies at this time. Not until I finish up my “Dolly Section”, hehe.
I have given her new victorian blue eyes and her hair is a lovely light brown shade.
I will post some progress photos as I get more accomplished with her. I am not repainting her as I do not even know where to buy silicone paints at this point. If anyone has any ideas on that, please let me know.
Anyways, what are all of you ladies working on at this time?
Reborning? Sculpting? Come on ladies! Lets catch up!!

I’m currently working on some of the BB DOTD kits that I bought before christmas. They’re not my favorite sculpts but they’re good to practice and learn on. I did Sydney and now I’m working on Conner. That’s about all I can afford right now. I so want to do a Yarie baby though!!!

Yeah, I love the Yarie Babies. I wish I had taken advantage of the DOTD BB Kits. I wish they would do that again!

What else is everyone working on? Well, off to work I go…Another Day! HEHE

Im finishing Vanessa kit today, she is right now in the table drying the glue and I going start tonight Kyra kit from BB, she was one of the DOTD, thats the only thing I can afford at this time, I love yaries kit but Economy dont help.


I am painting Paulette Lindsay and Angelo. I am rooting a Willow, Josie and Ella. I am also starting on a Sebilla Bos “Valerie” for a swap on that I am doing.

I would tell you but they are for swaps so I can’t tell lol. three of them… Sherrie

I just finished Shyann who will be on Ebay tomorrow. I am also working on Kiri the 10" baby. They are so fun!

I’m in over my head lol…a swap baby, a gift baby, sewing/serging/embroidering…I bought valentine bookmark embroidery patterns to make for three class parties tomorrow and they came with no instructions (urg!) so now I’ll go sit & try to figure that out…

I have been working on a practice head and touching up of my two Embers. I am practicing because I am hoping to get a Bronwyn kit by Romie Strydom. I believe my husband has one on order for me. I do have a Sydney kit that I may start on this weekend.

Wow Sheila, you ARE a busy lady!! I can not wait to see photos of all these babies you are working on! Do you have a website where I can see your work? Lori talks about how gorgeous your babies are.

Westiemom- Your Shyann is absolutely STUNNING. I LOVE her blonde hair. Great Job!

Babybliss- Sounds like you need an assistant, hehe. I would love to see some of your work as well.
I really need to get back to rooting my solid silicone, but now with the forum back I can not seem to stay off it. I hope some of the other ladies come back soon! It is SO great to be back!!

I am currantly working on “Tessa” by Sibilla Bos, that I didn’t get finished due to getting a couple of furbabies right after Christmas. They don’t give me much time to reborn yet but I am so enjoying them. I have her finished except for her rooting and she is done. Will post pictures if I ever get her finished.

What are DOTD kits? I missed something!!!

— Begin quote from “BabiesEverAfter”

:oops: What are DOTD kits? I missed something!!!

— End quote

DOTD kits were kits purchased while the old forum was up. They were specials BB had almost everyday for a few weeks for $14.95 a kit plus shipping. I still have quite a few I purchased at that time. It would be nice to see them do it again, but kind of doubt it.


Wow, you all are so busy!! I can’t wait to see your completed dolls! I haven’t had any time to work on dolls, but I hope to soon start on a Michelle kit

I just ordered a sugar and shyann kit from BB.I’m still new to this reborning,what size needles do you all use i have been useing 40 gauge but i break alot of needles thanks

I’ve had good luck with 38 ultra needles cause I don’t break so many and only 3 hooks does a nice job. I don’t know what others prefer. As for what I’m working on? Emma, Byron, Joey, Shyanne, Kinsey and Aisha! I have 19 other kits waiting. I hear the first step is admitting you have a problem…

Hi I am working on Cora ,waiting on hair ran out the order wrong hair,so now I,am waiting also working on the Triplel ,Haiely,Ashely,Alisha

Hello everyone…I am currently working on Luca and Jonathan (Adrie) I also am getting ready to do Ben and Paisley soon. Having a hard time matching Luca head color to limbs…have baked her 4-5 times so far and still don’t have it right… Thrilled this forum is back…you all are always so helpful…

Joyful Sounds Nursery

Hi I am currantly working on “Tessa” by Sibilla Bos. She is a cutie and all I have to do it root her hair. I am waiting on a new color of mohair I think will suit her well. Here are a few pictures I have taken during the process of her reborning. I will post later when her hair get here and she is rooted.

I am working on a custom honey (here is a wip photo) then I will be doing a custom ariella