What are your preferred air dry paints?


That’s the kind I got -I m hoping it will - the instructions did say u can seal with air dry varnish ( especially using powders - it is needed ) they will also sell a varnish when all the products come out -I got a small sample in the hair painting kit I ordered from Christine Woolley -it has the blonde paints -and some flow medium and sealer I think -I haven’t tried them yet -I m going to these next babies - I m very excited to learn from her tutorial:)


She’s a beautiful baby. I’m looking forward to starting a new baby as soon as my set arrives.


I got my Ultimate Fusion sample size set today. Something new to try. (Please don’t mind my stained painting paid I lay them on for a quick photo!)

I have just been reading through some of the material in the FB group that you get access to when you buy the paints. It is very different in that you do NOT prime your vinyl first and all you have to add to the paints to thin is water. They have other mediums to go with the paints that they say “are not necessary but are a luxury.” I am currently working on a baby with my regular paints (slowly since I herniated my back again). Once I get it done I want to start fresh on a new baby with these. I am curious indeed as to how this all works and if it is truly as great as it claims to be.


They said it “fuse” with the vinyl, I am a bit sceptical but I will be happy if it does that !


Where did you get the sample size?


Dolls So Real. Pat Moulton also sells them in the USA


Your babies are beautiful.


Thanks so much!


What do you use black for? I ask because I don’t have black and I don’t recall it being recommended – but maybe for some types of dolls it is used?


stunning baby :heart_eyes:


You use it to darken some paints. You can mix it yourself easily.


Oh, OK… Thanks for sharing. I had no idea. :slight_smile: I am not good at mixing colors at all. :slight_smile:


A TINT is any Hue with White added. The color remains the same only lighter.

A TONE is any pure Hue with Neutral Gray (white plus black) added. The color remains the same only less vibrant.The Values can range from very light to very dark.

A SHADE is any pure Hue with Black added. The color remains the same only darker.


Thank you!!! I had NO IDEA!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:kiss::heart: