What are your preferred air dry paints?


I think it has a lot to do with the varnish…I like using the higher pigmented paints and after using several of them I like Golden best but I still dont believe that there is anything wrong with using craft and lower pigmented paints. I should think if you used the Genesis varnish…like @JenLen does (you need an oven for that of course) or even the Golden Polymer with UV protection that the paint should be fine.
I think your baby looks pretty amazing for a first doll!


I’m using the primary washes method of building the skintone of the baby. So definitely red, yellow and blue, a brown, white and black? What other equipment did you get besides paints, brushes and a kit? I know I need matte and primer as well. Also a body, eyes etc.

Just making sure I have everything to do a great job painting. That’s why I’m watching videos and reading before I touch anything.

Oops almost forgot to answer your question. I’m a decent artist and I usually blend colors digitally or on a pad. Hope it helps me with dolls.


The other things I got to start were ultra matte gel, ultra matte varnish, and those white wedge cosmetic sponges. I thought I could use some paint brushes I already had at home - and they worked fine in theory but wound up leaving noticeable particles in my paint since the brush hairs were black. After I realized that’s what was happening I went to eBay and found a brush set with white hair that I’m loving and it was only $2.50 or something like that.

The white wedges that I bought worked fine for mottling, but for actually dabbing at the paint I much prefer the real techniques makeup sponge I already had laying around ( it came in a two back so I thought why not give it a shot ). I also tried a dollar general brand makeup blender, but didn’t care for that one.

These are the brushes, in case you’re looking for some.


Those are cute! I saw those on eBay the other day. Was wondering how well they worked. Thanks for the review!


I only use makeup brushes…they are inexpensive so you can buy them in bulk, and, in my opinion, work better than expensive paint brushes…Ive used both and all my paint brushes have become garbage.


As long as they are sealed with Genesis matt varnish they never fade☺


You can seal air dry with Genesis varnish?


Yes you can use GHS varnish once its fully cured, like 2 weeks after you finish painting. If you dont wait the cure time out you may end up having an oil versus water effect where the 2 different mediums don’t bond. However, the colors can still fade if you dont use archival/professional grade paint…GHS varnish or not.


@JenLen, correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you use student grade or Basics artist paints and mix them in with any craft paints you use? That is what I thought I remembered seeing on one of your live videos. Mixing a stronger pigmented paint in with them would definitely increase the pigment load so they would not be as prone to fade. If one is mixing two together like that, then the craft grade is essentially functioning more as a thinner to the artist grade product. I can see how that would work.

I know that Genesis varnish alone is not enough to keep a paint from fading. I have tested other brands of paints before and sealed them with Genesis only to have the paints fade 6 mos later and have to be redone.

Everyone has their own methods/preferences and paint loves. I personally would not use just craft grade paint on a doll I plan to sell but that is my conviction. The most important factor is to have tested your method over the period of a year to make sure it is color fast before you sell your creations to the public. If whatever method each person has found to work for them remains pure in color and does not fade or chip, then I say go for it.


I never had a problem with the 99cent paint fading on any of my dolls neither did any customer of mine had any problems. The only problem that i ever had was the thumb on twinA with the paint rubbing off due to not being varnished correctly. Unless one leaves there baby out in sunlight or handles the baby alot touching the vinyl parts I dont see a problem with craft paint. JMO​:slight_smile::heart:


This is my baby Faye she has been painted almost 2 years ago with craft paints and GHS matt varnish and thick medium. She went to 2 doll shows was held by many people and her paint looks just the same when she was new.:heart:


Omg gorgeous. What paint brand did you use?


I used the folk art paints from walmart alwayed worked for me but I will look into the more expensive paints and give them a try


Thanks for letting me know. I might try them soon.


She is indeed beautiful as all your babies are!
I still want to get one of yours some day soon!


My first attempt with the ultimate fusion paints -I love them -but takes getting use to after GHSP -not really happy with her -couldn’t get the paint to take around her mouth and still too shiny -so I m off to get some more air dry matte varnish -because I put the last bottle somewhere and can’t find it :joy:- but the paints are awesome ! ( sorry pic quality is bad- quick phone snaps )


Mine is on is way, I am am waiting this paint to begin my next baby.
What is your experience ? Some tricks ?
This skin tone is really nice !


The sheen comes from the mediums in the paints. Binders cause sheen. I have a set of these on the way myself and I will test them out and tell you all what I really think of them.


I really like them -they really adhere- very little beading - they r very translucent- strong pigment - i think they will last a long time - and they are really matte - I messed up when I couldn’t find my air dry varnish -I used the genesis and put in oven and I think it got too hot and the yellow stood out more -so then I put more washes to tone it down and I think that’s what made it shiny - the instructions say no varnish is necessary and u can heat set them to cure if needed but I think I had it too high -I m fixing to start another Liam and precious gift -I have more air dry varnish now :joy:-so hopefully it will be better -the fb page has a couple tutorials but more are suppose to be added this week - I m anxious to see what you and @anjsmiles think :blush:


It’s always a curve to take learning new paint ! Maybe a layer or two of soft touch varnish will take away the shine !
I can’t wait to try them