What are your preferred air dry paints?


Strange, most of my dolls are also primed with the Ultra Matte Gel and I don’t have any tackiness either. I do mix mine with water…I don’t know if that makes any difference at all. I used to use it in between paint layers and even mix it with my paints but it made my babies too rough so now I just use it as the base coat because it helps that first layer of paint to stick.


Thinning it with water probably made the difference. When I tried it as a primer I used it full strength.


I’ve never mixed mine with water, just put some on a wedge sponge and pounced it around. I did give it two days to set though, maybe that made the difference?


I went and did it again ; talked myself out of buying the waterborne paints :sweat: if I were to go with Golden, would this be a good set?


Yeah, that would be a great set to start with. You just need a bottle of Titan Buff and maybe Light Burnt Umber…they are good to make flesh colours and Titan Buff is also perfect for nails and lightening other colours.


That is the set I got to try the paints. I also have the Titan Buff. I just have to find the time to actually try them. LOL!


Thats what i use.i love them


I have been using RebornFx and JoSonja. Recently I have started incorporating some of the golden fluid paints into my layers with my last few dolls and I’m loving them. They are very pigmented and really adheir to the vinyl(and your hands) very well :wink: That set looks like a good set of colors to have to start. I also suggest you purchase Titan Buff if you want something similar to flesh 08 skin tone and retarder medium. If you have an issue with shine as you paint like I do then you add a few drops of super matte medium or Liquitex Ultra matte gel to your mixes because the golden paints are quite shiny.


I use the cheap paints from walmart works just as good!:slight_smile:


That’s what I started with, finished my first baby with it and I think he looks pretty good for a first - but I’ve been told it’s better to get a more highly pigmented acrylic because the craft paints will fade, I guess?


Can I see your first baby?


First and only now that I’ve stripped the Liam kit I was working on, haha.


Which paint did you use? He looks good! I was scared to use no name paints. I was sure it would look like a crayon baby. You did a wonderful job.


The first 2 dolls I did, I did in cheap paint. The paint has faded big time… probably a good thing because they were awful. :joy:

I didn’t varnish them, so I cant say if the paint would have stayed had I done that or faded anyway because it wasn’t quality paint.


Thank you so much! I was worried about the quality too at first, but I didn’t want to spend more money on a hobby I wasn’t even sure if I would enjoy, so I just used the paints we had laying around the house. If I’m remembering correctly this is the selection I wound up using:


I use that too for my first 2-3. I have stripped some but the one I have keep, was not faded after 1 1/2 year. I varnished hit with soft touch and give it to my daughter. Still perfect. They are made to adhere to the vinyl so that’s a plus.


Thank you so much. I keep seeing expensive paints recommended for 80 or more. I can’t afford to pay that. Not yet. If it becomes a hobby I enjoy, then I would. But not starting.


How are you at mixing colors? I found that I wound up mixing my own colors more than anything. If you wanted to find a reasonable set of basic colors I think that would work well. A red, a blue, a yellow, a brown and a white should be enough to test it out.


I am not sure if they fade or not, but I have read that they do not hold up in the long run. However, I did my first baby with Folk Art paints. I had a problem because I am not an artist at all, and I had to keep buying more paints to try to get the colors I needed. Oh well… That was before I started using Waterborne. I love them. I haven’t tried any of the others so I cannot do a comparison. I hope they do hold up well, because I want to keep my first baby like she is for all time. :slight_smile:


Be careful of the craft paints. While they might be okay to play with to get the feel of the paint you might end up with a couple decent babies that you wish to sell to make more money to invest in this art. However, craft paints aren’t professional grade, have archival properties, or have UV protection. Your dolls will fade, over time, and you’ll be unhappy that you put so much effort into them and if you sell, your customer will be very unhappy.
I ran into this when I started painting with air dry. I used a flesh color from Walmart and even though my doll turned out nicely the flesh faded, within a year, to nothing and my professional air dry mottles became super vivid…and the doll ended up looking diseased. She got stripped and turned into test parts.