What are your preferred air dry paints?


I can’t wait to try them ! It look promising. I buy the at Dolls so real.


I mixed it with the Super Matte according to Melissa’s instructions. I definitely believe the Super Matte is what made it tacky and I won’t do that again.


Yeah, I think it works far better on its own and you can even make texture (pores) with it. I still think it looks to flat though so its why I put the soft touch over it.


Have you ever tried mixing the 2 together? To me the Soft Touch is way too much sheen alone.


I add cornstarch and water to mine. It leaves a great matte finish.


No but over the top of the Golden varnish it is matte enough. One baby I put a bit of super matte in but I didnt like it, too flat again so I put more over the top. I guess its just personal preference but I don’t like the plain matte varnish only. I also like the feel of the soft touch.


I came up with the method of adding corn starch and water to the Soft Touch and like that best. April Yap told me she adds some Glazing Liquid to hers. Saw her babies at ID&TS and they have a nice finish. Going to try her method too.


I am use the glazing liquid in my paint mixes.
I was thinking today that maybe we are using different soft touch varnishes…I am using Deco Art in the blue jar.

Also maybe Ill try to mix the two, like you said…Ill try it on a test piece and see what happens.


That’s the one I have, in the blue jar, DecoArt


Ok…I will try mixing the soft touch and the Golden varnish and see what happens. Mad doll artist experiments :wink:


With the Waterborne paints, do you think it would be ok for me to use the base I already have, or do I need to use the base primer that goes with their system?


What are you using?
I mix different brand mediums with different paints and since its just your base coat I should think it would be ok but hopefully someone who uses Waterborne will answer.


I’ve been using Liquitex ultra matte gel.
Used it on one baby, and now I’m working on one where I skipped the priming altogether to see what it would be like.


I like to use that as a primer as well…its got a lot of tooth and is a really good product. I would personally stick with that.
I got a hair painting kit by RebornFX and it has a small bottle of primer to give the head tooth. I figure after I run out of that I can use my Liquitex UMG because it does the same thing.


Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel is not recommended for a primer. Their regular matte gel or matting fluid is. If you read on the side of your label, anything that says it can be used as a translucent ground can be used as a primer. If it does not say that, then it is not suited for priming.


Do you happen to know what the exact difference between the matte and ultra matte is?


The ultra matte has more matting agent in it. If used full strength as a primer it can sometimes be tacky and due to the extra matting agents in it could crack on the doll if used full strength. If you want to add it to your paints or other mediums for painting that is fine.


On the doll that I ultra matte on, do you think there are any signs of things going south I should look for, even though he’s already been painted and sealed?


If you made it all the way to final sealer and it has held up then you “should” be okay.
I tried using UMG once as a primer and it left a very tacky finish. I called the company to ask about it and they were the ones who told me it is not best for primer, to use their fluid matte medium instead.


Huh, that’s interesting. I definitely didn’t have any sort of tackiness, it gave some texture but that was it, and it remained matte until I applied my finishing layer/varnish. I’ll look into the other product though, just in case. Thank for the information!