What are your preferred air dry paints?


I wonder why that happened to you, with the LDC paint? I prime and seal, never with anything heat set, and never had a complaint… I have a lot of long time buyers that have done full nurseries with my toddlers over years, and never heard that problem. it they faded, they sure wouldn’t keep buying from me. I also use distilled water to mix my paint, and do a lot of dry brushing, on mine… maybe that makes the difference???


I dunno but I had issues with them at the time. I had fading with several of the dolls I did from the batch I had. Set them aside for a while and when I came back to open them up a couple mos later they had dried up. Maybe a bad batch? I dunno but I never tried them again after that.


The golden paint is thin? I probably won’t care for it then.


It took me a little while but I got used to them, I love them now :slight_smile:


I pulled my LDC paints out yesterday and they are all separated and gunky…Ive had them less then a year and hardly used them at all! I think Im more inclined to agree with you.


I just got a starter set of the new ultimate fusion paints -I m really liking them so far -haven’t gotten to play with them much yet -just a couple of primary layers -but they seem to be a lot like genesis - very matte and seems to fuse into the vinyl as they cure -they will last awhile 1drop of paint : 100 drops of distilled water -I m looking forward to learning to use them more :slight_smile: Facebook page -ultimate fusion - loves your art - Dolls so real -and Pat Moultons baby collection are the US dealers


I go thru them pretty fast, and once mixed only keep them for maybe 4-5 days at the most, then mix fresh batches. I also never use the retarder or the base matte, just the Liquitex matte gel mixed in.That might be the difference??


I have no idea. At the time I was mixing them according to a tutorial by an artist who was teaching with them. I don’t even remember what went into the mix. I think it was their products though.


When I was using the LDC paints, I periodically opened them and added a little distilled water. You do have to stir them well. They kept for a long time.


I’ve been wanting to try these paints. Maybe I’ll get them.


I really like them -and especially not having to bake lol - but air dry takes some getting use to for sure -there is not a lot of beading ( I had alil on my first layer) , they r very translucent- they really grab the vinyl ( I have a spot on the finger that I missed smoothing over -it’s not budging lol- alcohol is suppose to take it off ) this pic is after the first few primary color layers - I sponged them on because I’m not sure about brushing it on yet ( always sponged on with genesis ) but I like the results so far lol -


In my experience, good quality air dry paints are harder to get off than Genesis! I usually end up having to use Winsor and Newton and a LOT of elbow grease if I have to strip my RebornFX!


Has anyone tried winsor and newton acrylic paint? Just curious


Golden is a real pain to get off as well!


I had a tube of it that I used with my Liquitex and it worked just as well.

Also I forgot to add about the Golden paints Im using…I use the Fluid paints which are thin/liquid, but they have other types like the Open and the Hard Body which are thick.


I haven’t tried the paints, but I tried their matte sealer on a test head. It turned extremely sticky and didn’t seem to dry. It’s been months and it hasn’t changed. That makes me hesitant to try their paints.


I had the same experience of stickiness with the Golden Super Loaded Matte and varnish mix using MGDolls method so I went over it all with some of the RebornFX Sealer and then RebornFX Ultra Matte Varnish and that took care of the tack. I won’t be using the Golden method to seal again, at least not that formula/method.


Just ordered them, I don’t know when I will receive them. If they dont need primer like they said it would be great.


I use the varnish that Melissa recommends…its the Polymer matte varnish with UV protection and its not tacky at all as a matter of fact I have to go over it with my Soft Touch varnish because its too flat/matte in appearance.
Maybe you put too much Super Matte in it?
I don’t put the dab of super matte medium in it anymore, I just use the varnish straight.


Oh that’s great - I didn’t use a primer on Liam - when I ordered they didn’t have a US supplier - so a lady from Australia offered to ship preorders in US once she got here for doll show- that’s why I have mine so early lol -there is a fb page u can join once u get ure kit ( have to have password and pic of kit ) that they will be adding tutorials to from different artists-they have two on it already -let me know how u like them :slight_smile: