What are your preferred air dry paints?


For those of you who use the air dry painting method, which system do you like the most? Do you buy the paints that are specifically made for reborns ( like WaterBorne ) or do you like something else?


I have always used Liquitex, which is the highest quality I could find at Hobby Lobby, and it works fine, allowing for slight darkening when dry. But I just recently tried Reborn FX from MacPherson’s and it is pretty amazing. Covers well enough to not need so many layers and no change in color when dry. As you put it on, what you see is what you get. I’ve only tried Baby Flesh so far, but I’m going to try more of them.


I loved Baby FX that was discontinued and I also like Liquitex Soft Body and Matisse Flow.


I use and teach with the RebornFX. They are great!


RebornFX is definitely something I’m interested in, but I think at my current level it may be a bit too expensive to just practice with. If you had to pick only a handful of colors from their line instead of a whole set, which would you say are the most important?


I use Liquitex and really like it. I buy it at Michael’s. They’re less expensive than some of the others and good quality. LDC paints are also very good. Small jars go a long way. Irresistables has them. I had a very bad experience with Luminaire with paint coming off after weeks of curing and I don’t recommend them. I haven’t used any others.


I LOVE Waterborne paints. They are awesome to use, and are way less money than others. I needed some paint that wasn’t in the waterborne line. I searched online for it and it was like 9 - 11 a bottle… and ounce I believe. Anyway Stephanie from Hunnybuns formulated the colors I needed and I had them in like 3 days. AND they were only $5 per 1 ounce bottle. The doll I did with just buying paints and trying it that way did not work for me. But these are a dream.


I use Liquitex Professional, both, paints. Love them! I want to try Golden soon. I started with Waterborne. I still use them a little.


I’ve used miracle blend, which are very nice but don’t last that long.
I currently am experimenting with Amsterdam paints, which are basically like Liquitex, but a Dutch brand, which is easier for me to get.


I use Golden fluid paints now and all their mediums and the Polymer matte varnish which, in my opinion, is just as good as heat set varnish. I did use Liquitex and they are good paints but I like the Golden better and glad Im made the change.


Is there a huge difference between Liquitex basic, soft body, and hard body? What I’ve beeb able to figure out myself is that soft and hard body are just different consistencies, but what about basic?


Basic is mainly for students and kids it does not have the pigment that the hard and soft body do. I know people use the hard body but the soft body is easier when painting dolls…in my humble opinion :wink:
I did try some hard body and it very difficult to thin. Soft body is creamier and easy to mix.


I really like Che’air dry paints. Made by Ch

er Simnitt, she freuents this forum. My initial cost of around $35 has painted several with alot left yet. She is easy to work with, ships fast and has been known to put an “extra” in to try.Paints are similair to ghs in colors and not hard to transistion. While i still use ghs now and then, i prefer the quickness of no bake.


Mottle and Blush
Yellow Ochre
Light Vein
Nail tip
Pyrrolle Red 2 or Q. Crimson (for a more purple toned mottling)

With these colors you can layer them in the primary color method and make a nice practice baby.

Must have skin tone colors that I use for speckled skin tone mottling (I do not lay flat Caucasian skin tones to avoid making the baby look too opaque)

Baby Flesh
Caramel Cream
Caramel Skin
Harvest Cream

I have a Facebook Page for air dry painting too


I am still using the same brand I started with 12 years ago, LDC air dry from Puppentram . I use to buy them from Dolldreams now just buy from Germany, when I order my kits. Have tried other air dry, but always stay with these, my personal favorite :slight_smile:


I think it all comes down to a personal choice, availability of the paints, etc., and shipping and so forth. But, we have given several choices to consider. :slight_smile: All the dolls look great and they use different paints.


I’ve used waterborne, luminaire, baby fx (my fave and I wish they were still being produced) and Reborn fx. They only paint I can say that really liked was baby fx. I’m hoping to try golden and hoping I like that paint.


I tried some of those, I bought some from Puppentraumland…I had problems because they were thinner than my liquitex and my JoSonya paints and I wasn’t used to that. My Golden fluids are very liquid, it just took me some time to get used to it. I think LDC paints are good…I just don’t really need them now but I may try the browns I have to use when I try hair painting again…


Sorry, but my experience with LDC paints was not a good one. Every baby I painted with them faded and I had to redo them. Also the paints dried up in the pots quickly. This was several years ago when I used them but I do not recommend them. They also will turn orange if you try to put heat set varnish over them as they do not withstand heat setting very well.


Thank you all for the input - I think for now I’m going to try the WaterBorne, because the price works for me right now. If I end up liking the pre-mixed method then I’ll branch out into something more expensive, and if not, I’ll try the Golden :slight_smile: