What are your kids halloween costumes?

This is the first year my kids are dressing up…my hubby hates halloween. They are so excited!! Little red riding hood, big bad wolf, and my 12 year old son still undecided! ! What are yours or you going as??


Well… Last night at trunk or treat, Wyn (14) was a deer, Audrey (10) was a witch, and Zoe (5) was a kitty. They looked adorable! Of course they’ll probably be completely different things on actual Halloween. Aud went to another trunk or treat last weekend and was a day of the dead girl. Lol

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My boys are grown so I won’t have any goblins until the grands come along.

My Daughter is going as a pretty pirate. My teen daughter and her best friend are going as Mario and Luigi!

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Bryony is being a Huntswoman, Dyalyn a zombie prom queen, Aynsley will be Mel from the movie Descendants, Zayey is Doc McStuffins and Skylyn is being a rainbow bug. I love Halloween and can’t wait! :grin:

My oldest son is going as a werewolf and my girls as princesses not sure with my other son as he well be with his dad

My son says he’s too old to dress up so he won’t be anything but himself which is scary enough since he’s a teenager. My daughter is dressing up in mascarade.

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Not sure what my granddaughter will be but her daddy says she is excited. They are probably going to the renaissance fair instead of coming up here. Caitlin is sixteen and if we go to the church party, she has a hawk/owl feather mask and a spiderweb cape. I miss dressing my little ones up! Tempted to borrow the neighbor’s five grandchildren! And I am going as a middle aged slightly overweight housewife!


I miss dressing up. My mom said I’m too old and she wouldn’t take me, But I’m not allowed to go by myself and I have no friends around. So I can’t go :frowning: Last year I went as a teddy bear lol I have pajamas that are similar to a sleeper that you’d put on a baby that is fuzzy and has bear ears on the hood and I wore that.

Hey everyone!

All of your costumes sound so fun! I love dressing up! I was planning to dress up as a princess with my girls this year, but my girls have other ideas of what they want to be. I did get to pick my son’s costume, though, he needed something to show off his chubby “abs”! :wink: (We are just going to an indoors party.) He is a circus strongman. You can’t see it in this picture, but I wrote “500 lbs” in bold white words on each side of his dumbbell. It only weighs a few ounces, and I put a few beans inside so it rattles like a toy.



My little boy is dressing up as a zombie and the older one…she’s doing a Chealse Smile, I believe. I guess my kids enjoy the horror side of Halloween. :sweat_smile::joy:

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In the nearest town to us, they don’t allow kids over 12 to trick or treat. But teens love to dress up too! Hope you find somewhere to go have fun,demonicchic12

That sucks :frowning: I’m 16 lol
I’ll probably end up painting a baby :laughing: I just got a kit in the mail today and I can’t wait to get started!

All these teens playing dolls and I am stuck with one that hates dolls. Grumble, grumble, can I get a refund? Should have known when she preferred Pet Shops and dinosaurs as a kid. Even my older daughter won’t play dolls anymore and her water baby had to go everywhere when she was little. Too busy playing with her new husband. At least my son did something right…he have me a granddaughter… Who loves Pet Shops and dinosaurs. Grumble, grumble, I demand a refund!

By the way, cait is 16 too. She is wanting to dress up too and is hoping they dress up for the church party and that I feel up to going. Poor sad teens!

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Lol! And my mom would rather have a “normal” teen that wants nothing to do with dolls! :laughing: Mainly because she’s paying for most of it lol. I am looking for a job right now though, So she won’t have a reason to complain much longer lol

Lol! That is funny! Tell her having a normal teen wouldn’t help her budget. Cait loves to read so her internet usage and book buys add up to big money, with a few games added in! We have satellite internet so her being on reading adds up.

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Lol! Yep! She doesn’t understand my need to turn my bedroom into a nursery with a crib :laughing: I even told her I’d sleep on the couch and give the babies my room (very small room, so no room for my bed and the baby stuff)

We LOVE getting dressed up. Every year we have a big family get together and even I dress up. One year I went as Santa and was attacked by all the kids at our church trunk or treat. It’s like they didn’t realize that was my costume…they really thought I was Santa. This year I’m going as the Youtube sensation Miranda Sings. I made a sweater to look like her cat sweater. I can’t wait. My grandkids are going to be…batman, Frankenstein , 2 Minions, social medial Vine, Snapchat and Twitter. I’ll be sure to post pics Saturday night.

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My oldest is going to be Sally… She did her own make up=Proud Mommy :grin:



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