What are your favorite awake kits?


Just planning VERY far in advance, hah. I won’t have any spending money available for MONTHS (paying back the Quinn I bought and the Faith that I painted myself) but I can always dream… and drool :wink:


What is the question.




Ok. You changes the title. :wink: Now it’s clear what you meant.

Of all awake kits I think Landon is the cutest because he is so chunky. I don’t have him yet though.

I have Madison and Dominic, and Presley should come next week. I am also thinking about Joseph. I love his smile.


@Amethyst , I did, lol After you asked I realized I had been SUPER unclear (my toddlers are going NUTS today, it’s got Mommas brain all frazzled :confounded:), haha

Thank you, I’ll have to look at them!


I added my favorite pics of them. :blush: They have both such cute expressions on their sweet faces. :heart_eyes:

Oh and don’t worry I forget stuff all the time! lol


By the time you are ready for one June awake should be out - she is so cute :heart_eyes:


I LOVE Landon Awake and so excited for June Awake, too! :slight_smile: