What are these heads?


Do you ladies remember what these three sculpts are? The first two are for sale for $10.00 = shipping and the smaller one is pending.


the one at the end looks like a fairy lol


Yes it does. But for the life of me i cannot remember their names or who they are sculpted by?


The biggest head on the left, is Mathilda by Elisabeth Steger.


I think the one on the left is a Sabine Von Tils cant remember the name. Maybe Isabella?

The little one on the right has never been identified. It says Zwergnase on the back of the neck. Its hard to see you have to rub a pencil on it to see it.

people were talking about making the little head into a halloween baby.



Thank you everyone!!


They are all pretty homely looking tykes, bless their hearts!


Yes but i have seen the one in the middle reborned and it looked pretty cute.


Susie I have 2 of those heads and would like to see if she can be cute reborn.
I tried with the Isabella and it didnt look so good so I’m going to do her over .


I do think that last baby on the right would make a great elf for Christmas. I have some DD limbs for sale that would go great with him if someone wants to buy your head and my limbs.


I have a person wanting that fairy head but she hasn’t paid yet. If she pays me i will tell her about your limbs.


Its killing me not knowing the name of the little one on the right.
I looked at all the googled zwergnase sites I could find but none had a vinyl kit. Wonder where DD got them from?

Nonie do you know?