What are some of your favorite sculpts?

I personally have always liked:

Julietta (asleep) by Natali Blick
Sophia Madelina by Bonnie Brown (Her face is adorable)
Esme by Laura Lee Eagles

Oh, and I mustn’t forget Fridolin by Karola Wegerich!!!

And many others!

What about you all?


Wilma by wederrich❤️

Yes, she’s definitely a cutie! Wish Karola would do a toddler sculpt that wasn’t limited edition. How nice that would be!

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Karola is my favorite. :heart:

Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi is my #1 favorite with Soirse by Bonnie Brown running a close 2nd. These two are keepers for me.


Oh my…this is a long list lol. Let’s see: Jayden Scholl, Presley Awake, Serah Stoete, Adelya Auer, Everleigh Eagles, Lincoln Eagles, Ryan Scholl, Twin B…I think I’ll stop here for now. Maybe you shouldn’t have asked lol. :blush:

I really like lots of others too, Izzy, but Bibo & Soirse are my most favorites. Which one is your MOST favorite?

I don’t know, really. The list seems to rotate regularly lol. For now I’m pretty in love with my Jayden and I’m getting a Presley Awake kit sometime soon so I guess I’ll say those. They’ll be my two keepers for now once Presley is finished (which may be awhile).

It’s really nice seeing what everyone’s favorites are. My list is always growing, too.