What about BB's?!

BB’s are copper coated zinc. If they were mixed in with the glass and in a bag surrounded by poly, I can’t see that they could discolor anything, even if the copper started to tarnish. They are alot cheaper than steel and you can get them at Walmart.

What do you think?

They will work. You need to put them in a tight bag so they aren’t noisy. They are heavier and work great in preemies…small bodies. I often use them inside heads.

Thanks! I thought they ought to work but I had never seen anything about them. I thought I would put them in a vinyl glove - That would prevent any moisture getting to them or any tarnish or something getting out!

I wouldn’t use a vinyl glove. The different kind of vinyl might come into contact with the vinyl of the kit and cause it to discolor. I usually use a knee high stocking, double over a couple of times and tied. If you use the copper clad bb’s, they shouldn’t rust.

I bought some copper ones from Walmart and just to test I put a few in water in a ziplock bag and the BB’s promptly rusted badly.

They would work in a dry climate and maybe even a cool slightly damp climate but not in a warm humid one. When I lived in the Seattle area I had a tin collection that never rusted. I moved to Tennessee and they began to rust inside - not a lot but some. I should have put silica or at least a paper towel inside each tin and changed it out each year.

I decided to not use the copper BB’s in this climate and I wouldn’t want to sell one with it - who know where they may move. They may have to put the doll in unheated/uncooled storage and come back to a sad state.

If you put it in a balloon I would dry the BB’s first. Heat your oven to 200 degree. TURN IT OFF! Put the BB’s in a large glass or metal pan - one layer deep. Leave for an hour. Take out and cool completely and then put in the balloon. I would leave it in there for a month and then open to see how the BB’s look before I would decide it is safe. If you open on a humid day I would dry the BB’s again.

I’ve never dried BB’s but I do this with popcorn, stale crackers, chips etc. and it works. The popcorn is more crunchy than it is right after I pop it.

Thanks for the advice ladies! I think steel shot could rust too, cant’ it? I only ever use vinyl gloves, no latex for my glass beads but I need something to add extra weight without so much bulk. How do some of these ladies get so much weight into their babies??

Steel does not rust. Eventually the vinyl gloves will dry rot and break down over time and all of your stuffing will fall out. Probably not for a long time, but still something to think about. Knee highs are about .99 at the drugstore. The kind that are in the little plastic eggs.

Steel rusts. Stainless Steel doesn’t rust under most conditions. It will say stainless somewhere if it is. Or you can try the BB’s in water a couple of days and find out.

I got 33 cent knee highs at Walmart 2 weeks ago. There were only about 3 brands in the store - leg wear must have changed again.

I remember when pantyhose came out and they were so expensive. I also remember nylons stockings that came 3 pair to a box and the clerk behind the counter opened the box and put her hand inside one stocking so you could see the color. I miss shopping like that - but I don’t miss waiting in line to have the clerk help you select your purchase.

Yes, I was thinking of stainless steel…oops! I buy those pantyhose by the dozen. You should see the clerk stare at me as I drop all of those little plastic bubbles on the counter in all mixed sizes and colors. I have gotten some strange looks. I always say I am using them for a craft project.

hey girls…was wondering how your experiment turned out??? I have seen this discussed on other forums and was interested as I had asked some men about this…and they surmised that unless they got really wet…they would not likely rust… on forum discussions it was pointed out that if a doll gets that wet it would be ruined anyway as the vinyl would mold! so…I have used both the steel and copper in stockings for years with no problems.