What a deal!

I just ordered the painted, rooted Bindi today for the same price as the unpainted, unrooted kit ( $29.99 )!
I ordered Binki for the same price, same deal, Tues.
I’ve never really been a fan of the orangs but think my grand daughter who loves baby dolls & animals will really like them for Christmas.

Thanks BB for such great deals!

I might add their bodies are on temporarily out, but I planned on making their bodies anyway.


Just ordered them both too, to order just one would cost $65 and adding the other at $49 put it just over $119 with shipping to the UK.

I ordered Bindi for my sister for her 12th birthday in Nov. I also ordered the little pink headband for only $1.99. I know she will just love her!

It’s gonna be a little while before I get them put together, I’m rooting a doll right now & crocheting her an outfit. Some one will probably get theirs together before me & post a picture, but that’s good too.

They really don’t have the greatest paint job or rooting, but I think they are adorable for children…I know my grand baby who is 8 is gonna love them…she’s doll crazy anyway & loves animals too. Can’t wait to give them to her!