Whadda deal


I know there was a recent discussion about remover so I thought I’d. Went to Michael’s tonight and used a 50% coupon for this 32 oz bottle. Made this $18.50. Not sure if they stock this normally in the store, there was only one bottle.


Sounds like a good deal to me!!


I buy mine at Michaels too when I have the 50% off coupon otherwise it’s way too expensive there. If you’re ever in need and don’t have the Michael’s coupon try Jerry’s art arama they have the 32oz bottle for $19 regular price. It’s the cheapest I’ve found anywhere; online or brick and mortar.


Thanks for the info, it’s nice to have a go to place when you definately need it. It’s hit or miss at Michaels. I called to check their stock before I left. Funny their website says they don’t even carry it in stores. :smirk:


Michael’s is starnge like that. Last year some time I bought these really cool plastic bin totes, they had them for like 6 dollars or something. I bought 5 or 6 of them and once I got them home and started putting stuff in them i decided I wanted to grab a few more. When I called Michael’s to see if they had anymore in stock, I gave the lady on the phone the product name and number and she told me that they don’t carry them and never have, even though I’d just purchased them there a week or two before. I ened up having to take the bin into the store to show them, and even with the bin in hand it took them a half an hour or more to figure out what it was and where in the store they’d moved them too, It was like an episode of the 3 stooges. I have a love/hate relationship with Michael’s lol


The Michael’s I go to carry the Newton n winsdor. I was in Michael’s every week using that 50% off coupon on Mona Lisa thinner or winsdor n Newton. I was stocking up on it. That was last year. Now I work 7 days a week ndont have time to go.


That is how i bought mine also with a coupon.