?western union as payment?

Hey ladies.
I am having trouble getting payment from a buyer. She is new to ebay with zero feedback from Dubai. She is wanting to pay via western union even after I told her I only accepted paypal. Do you guys accept western union as form of payment? I just don’t have a good feeling about this one??



I had a nice lady from Italy pay me with Western Union last year. I went to my local Western Union office and they paid me in cash and then I shipped her reborn and had no problems.

She owes me money too, and she’s the high bidder on my auction for Max yarie!

I told her I can not accept ANY kind of payment except paypal, and she says she will get an account opened to pay me with. I told her she has until Max’s auction is almost over, and if I haven’t recieved the payment I will have to cancel her bid on Max.

WHY do buyers NOT get their ducks in a row BEFORE bidding on ebay items!?!?!?!?

BTW…the bidders id is noor.09

Yes, that is her. She seems to be buying a lot of babies recently. I told her I would only accept paypal as well, but she has never came through with that. She just wants to do western union. Not sure if she is just new to ebay and the doll collecting world and doesn’t know much about paypal or if this is so sort of scam. But she now has a positive feedback from another reborner. Who knows, Let me know what happens for you.



Personally, I would NOT accept a Western Union payment. There have been news stories recently about fake Western Union payments, some from that area of the world. Is there any way she can wire you the money straight to your bank account? Please let us know what happens and good luck!

Yes, she wanted to do a bank to bank transfer, but I told her PAYPAL ONLY!

She just sent me an email saying she got her account opened, and sent someone a payment, so she knows it’s working. I’ll let you know if she sends my payment for Panda. I’m SO NERVOUS b/c my Max’s auction ends tonight and she’s the high bidder on that one!

ok that is so wierd. Definately let me know if she pays you through paypal. I wrote her yesterday telling her paypal only and haven’t heard back from her yet. I opened a case on this to get my final value fee back, because I do not expect payment anytime soon. Wonder why she is bidding on so many at one time? Actually as I think about it I say “she” but she has never signed her name on any of her emails so I don’t know who it is?? Good luck wiht your current auction! Hopefully someone will outbid her.


“she’s” never signed her name on any of mine either. STRANGE…I just sent her a new invoice and I’m waiting to see if she pays…or writes me back. She evidently hasn’t lilnked her PP, and Ebay accounts b/c she says she can’t go throuogh ebay? I told her to log into paypal and link the two.

Thanks for keeping me posted. “She” owes me a lot of money! She bought my quads almost 2 weeks ago, and I could use the $ for Christmas. I am not keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I know she has paid someone else through paypal but for some reason she is not wanting to pay that way anymore??


Hummm…that’s Crazy!

I have sent her two invoices, and haven’t heard back from her yet… I don’t blame you for filing with paypal. I would too after 2 weeks! I’m not going to let her string me along. I told her last week if she didn’t get her paypal account opened and payment sent for Panda, I would cancel her bid on Max.

I wonder why she is buying so many reborns? She BEGGED me to give her time to get her account open b/c she REALLY wanted the babies. I wonder if she’s planning to resell them or something? It’s just a really strange situation.

Well she has now won the auction on my Max as well! I’M HOPIING she’ll pay me through paypal, but if not I will offer her the wester union monet transfer, as they are safe, unlike the WU money orders which is how scammers like to go!