Went with baby brown curly hair, on eden


how is she looking, ???


Awww…she is super cute!


She is looking good. The brown hair suits her great.


She looks really sweet.


Awwww love her …she is adorable!


Very adorable!


she is looking very cute Please post pic’s when she is all finished, I want to see her all dressed up cute as a button


Thank you all so much, karen I got her hair at slumberland baby brown wavy to curly, I kinda like the straight to wavy, but I had this and thought I’d try it,I’ll post some more pics when I get some more done,lol,


AAAAhhhhh she is soooo cute. I just heard her wisper she wants to come visit Auntie Debi.

Sharon you make the cutest little babies.


Good choice, Sharon. Suits her, she’s so cute.


She is so cute!


I never much liked the looks of that kit but the way you did her I may have to rethink that. I love her.


I think HE looks super cute, I see boy in this one.


She is sooo cute. I love the curly hair.

Hugs tina


— Begin quote from “MCscout”

Big surprise that you went with the baby brown hair…all your reborns look the same.

— End quote

Dont be rude. if u have nothing decent to comment, then its easy, close the page


If you don’t have any thing nice to say keep your evil thought to yourself. It appears all your posts are evil. You must be a very mad and unhappy person…


Sharon, your Eden is super cute. Don’t let what other people say discourage you. People like that obviously have nothing better to do. Or maybe people like that are insecure about there reborns. A little jealousy can make a person Evil. I’ve seen your babies and find them all to be adorable. Keep showing us your little sweeties. Be sure to show us Eden when she’s complete, I can’t wait. Have a great day, DEE


well Scout I must be doing something right, Ive sold just about all my babies and have a bunch of custom orders, what about them do you think look all the same, and where are the pics of some of yours???


You go girl, let it out. DEE