Well, I'm not going to hold my breath, but

Ok…so…anyone ever heard of the Christmas Mouse? They’re stores that stay open year round and are NOTHING but…Christmas of course. They have at least two locations down by where we go to the beach and we make it a point to stop at them at least once every year. These stores are HUGE sometimes two stories, and it takes forever…well, I don’t know if you ever could see everything they have, lol. ANYHOW, I’ve noticed they always have a doll section. But I never notice any pretty dolls, lol. They’re usually porcelain and maybe even tacky to some, but they put outrageous price tags on them. Of course I’m sure they’re just what some are looking for too, but anyways it got me thinking. If they could sell THOSE why in the world couldn’t they sell a couple of mine a year…so…I just emailed them. I sent them my website and pics of all my best work. I honestly don’t hold out TOO much hope for hearing anything back, but if I hadn’t tried I know I’d never get anywhere, lol. So anyways, I’m nervous now, and excited, and already a bit disappointed, cause I’ve never heard back from anybody, when I’ve tried something like this. Course I’ve never tried anything like this with my dolls before…SO…we shall see

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Just re-read your post. Hmmmm… Since you contacted someone by email they will have quick access to your website link. That is good. If you sent it to someone other than the buyer, hopefully it will be a woman who loves dolls, who will forward it to the right person. If you don’t get anywhere, I would suggest the snail mail option. I’m thinking along publishing lines here though - some publishers won’t even look at email submissions. Perhaps it’s different for merchandise. Good luck!

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Thanks so much, that was so helpful!! Anyhow, I thought I’d chime in to say, surprisingly enough, I did hear back from the Christmas Mouse. I didn’t think i’d hear back at all, especially if they weren’t interested, but I did. It was a guy (think I would’ve had better luck with a woman), but anyways, he said that he thinks the prices the dolls would need to bring would be too steep for his stores, but I should find and get in contact with high end doll stores. SO…I’ve been searching and researching for hours and just sent a new email, complete with the best pic of each of my dolls, a a couple photos of the foot (cause I’d like to keep that strawberry birthmark as a trademark skies of blue baby thing, should I hit the big time somehow , and the link to my website). I sent this email to like 23 different stores tonight. I’ll give em a few days, see what, if anything, I hear back. If nothing happens this way, I’ll search for more dolls shops and start using the telephone, lol. One thing, I told them doll prices would START at $150.00 to $175.00 and that’s before I add any pacis or hair or eyes, clothes etc…but I’d need that price AT LEAST to make ANYTHING back at this point, for what I put into them. I don’t know how I could offer them any cheaper, do you? Because I think that starting price tag is a put off…maybe not, doll collectors should know a quality keepsake baby comes with a hefty tag, maybe they won’t be taken aback by it all?