Welcome Tyler and Casshay! LOTS of Pics!

Today we finished painting our two newest “Little Ones” in our Nursery. We then took them out for their first photoshoot. Their second photoshoot will come after we root their hair.

Tyler will be joining our “sister”, Nancy, her husband, Dallas, and their 4 year-old son, Tyler. Our “nephew”, Tyler, was born at 25 weeks gestation. He was 1 lb. 11 oz and 13 inches long (the same length as the “Jacob” kit we used to make him). Nancy asked if we would make a micro preemie to celebrate how far Tyler has come and what a miracle he is. Tyler is dressed in a preemie sized 1z with a frog with stretched out arms that reads “I Love You This Much”. This phrase has a special meaning to us and our 2 nieces. We are thrilled to now be sharing it with our “nephew”.

“Casshay” (“Kinsey” sculpt) will be going to our mom for Christmas. Her full name is going to be Casshay Elizabeth. She is named after my mom’s 3 nieces Cassie, Shayla, and Elizabeth. A few weeks ago, we took our mom out shopping for Casshay to see what she would like. BIG MISTAKE…Our mom fell in LOVE with SOOOO MANY outfits that Casshay JUST HAD TO HAVE!!! She will be VERY spoiled and much loved.

Here are some pics from their first photoshoot. ENJOY!!!

Nice job ladies. I can see some huge improvement since your last babies. Good job. Show us again when they have hair.

— Begin quote from “scrummy”

Where did you get that bellyplate from?

— End quote

We found an inexpensive all viny anotomically correct doll on EBay. We had a hard time finding it, because it had to be the same size as the “Jacob” sculpt.

Thank-you both for your kind comments!!! We are very pleased with how they turned out. We were both crying during their photoshoot because they were perfect. Now comes the dreaded hair rooting. Although they are our 5th and 6th Little Ones, they will be the first ones we will root.

BTW Tyler and Casshay both ‘told’ us how they wanted to look like. We wanted Tyler to be a realistic looking micro preemie, so I spent days trying to get the right coloring. I ended up stripping him MANY times because he would turn out too dark. I finally got the color I wanted but was going to do one more layer of that color. As I was just about to add the final layer, I felt that I needed to stop. I put the sponge down and really studyed Tyler and realized he was PERFECT the way he was. If I would have added the extra layer he would have been too dark again. I guess Tyler wanted to be a pretty micro preemie.

Cassahy seemed to be content with the coloring that we planned but she was not happy with the way we wanted to possition her eyes. Robin put her eyes in but realized they weren’t focused on her. Robin spent at least 30 minutes trying to possion the eyes so Casshay was looking at her. As you can see in the photos, she still is not looking straight. We decided that something else has Casshays attention wich matches her intense expression.