Weird things in mohair

I don’t root often, but today I was rooting with mohair I haven’t used yet and found all these weird little things in it. Anyone know what it is? Is it just some dirt? I don’t want to throw the mohair out because I already rooted a bit with it and like the color.



That is dirt, debris and nits from the raw hair that hasn’t been cleaned and combed out properly. When you get bunches like that just throw them away(not all the hair but the dirty bits) as sometimes it happens when it’s processed in large batches or bunches at a time. If the hair is full of this then send it back to the supplier and have them brush it out again for you. I’ve gotten some that was like that all throughout and was told by the supplier that when the slicker comb/brush they are using during processing is wearing down it will cause this too and a few good times over with a new slicker brush will remove it. If you have a slicker brush at home you can do this yourself if the supplier will not or if you want to try and keep from having to throw bunches of hair away


Thank you! I can brush it out. I ordered it a long time ago so sending it back isn’t an option. Just wanted to make sure it’s not something harmful.


I had some like that and I kept the hair but took pictures and sent them to the seller. They are little lice creatures and their eggs and poop.


Ew, that’s gross. Guess I’ll give the hair a good wash once it’s all rooted. :rofl:

It looks like dirt, its too uneven to be eggs or larvae. But I would, to make sure nothing will hatch, put the mohair that is not rooted yet in the freezer overnight. Just to be sure there is nothing living in it. Do NOT put the doll in freezer though; it would damage the vinyl. in any case I am pretty sure IF there are lice eggs , they will not hatch; they need to be on the goat. But I just found sealed plastic container with my beautiful raw mohair full of silverfish, and totally ruined. :frowning:

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Oh no! Good idea to put it in the freezer, I’ll do that asap!

I just lost a couple bags of alpaca fiber :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Each bag weighted atleast 5 pounds, it was all longer then 7 inches and the moths infested my box with some of my best blancket cuts of the fleece naturally and not the box of crap seconds that was right next to it… two years worth of growth from these wonderful alpacas all for me to learn a valuable leason about storing fiber!