Weighting the limbs


I’ve noticed from reading some post, that poly pellets are used to fill the limbs. Would it make the limbs lighter in weight vs using glass beads? Would it feel different when squeezing the limbs? I’ve been using poly pellets for the head while rooting. I ordered some bb steel pellets to use in the stomach for added weight. I also see people use the steel pellets for the head. Do you still put them in a stocking when placing in the head?


I don’t have pellets but would assume you would feel them and hear them in the limbs. And I think they are lighter but may be wrong

I know I can hear the larger beads in the hands, they kinda crunch.

Steel pellets go in a pouch.


I prefer using poly-pellets in the limbs and head. They are SLIGHTLY lighter. You actually can’t hear them but you can feel them when squeezing on the limbs.


I was about to ask did you use Polly pellets on Lillian. But I forgot I put her together. It seems to me the pellets wouldn’t fill the fingers n toes properly. Why do you prefer the Polly pellets? If you don’t mind me asking.


I use glass beads in the limbs. I mix glass beads, bbs and cluster stuff in 2/3rd of a trouser sock for the belly. I stuff cluster stuff under and around the sock in the body. I use glass beads in the other 1/3 of trouser sock in the head. I put cluster stuff around it to hold it in place. I ONLY use poly pellets in my mini kits cause the weight isn’t as big of an issue.


Yes the poly pellets are lighter and you can hear them when you squeeze them.

I use glass beads in the hands and feet then fill with poly pellets to just above the knee and elbow then polyfil the rest of the way. I prefer the pellets because the glass beads are harder in the limbs and like the feel of them over the glass beads. I put a stocking of glass beads in the body with cluster stuff around it. A stocking at the top of the neck area (glass beads) if I want the baby to be able to sit and hold her head on her own. I then put a stocking of glass beads in the front of her head so that it flops forward not back so that I am not looking up her nose, then fill the rest with polyfil or cluster stuff.


Thank you. I was just wondering why people use the poly pellets in the limbs. I prefer the glass beads. I pretty much do the same thing you do, without the poly pellets.


I like glass beads the best. I can’t hear the beads. I fill to 2/3 then stuff the rest with polyfill. In the body I fill 2 or 3 balls made of glass beads using a half of a knee high per piece. Depending on the doll I will stuff in poly fill and make a nest for the glass beads ball. Then I stuff more stuffing, then a scent wafer in the middle, then more stuffing, then another ball until I get to the top. Some dolls take 2 balls of glass beads and some take 3 balls of glass beads in the body. You could alternatively use 1 longer panty hose oblong ball of glass beads and a smaller one up top. It really depends on the shape of the doll. I do the same as Anne, weighing the front of the head and stuffing poly fiber fill in the doll. It should lean forward rather than backward to be properly weighted. I put a lot of fiberfill in the shoulders and neck to support the head when it’s sitting up.

That way when the mommy holds it, it leans forward like a newborn does.