Weighting full body kits


How would you weight a full body doll that is assembled with connectors instead of a cloth body inside?


I once did a toddler with connectors inside. I weighed lighter than I normally did and she still felt very heavy and I had to take more out.
Because they don’t bend like a cloth body would they tend to feel like a solid block. So I’d weight them very lightly.


Yes, but how do you weight the body without the pouch of beads moving around? Do you just use polyfill like with a regular body?


I did the limbs normally and the body I packed around with polyfill. However, instead of putting it in tights as usual I kept it wrapped up in the plastic it came in, haha. It didn’t need to feel soft anyways and there was no chance of leaking.

The limbs did leak a little after a while, though. You may want to use plastic pellets or only polyfill.


That’s a good idea to leave the glass beads in the bag. Were your limbs sealed?


They couldn’t be sealed. They were the ball jointed ones and the pin thingies (technical term) had to go into the hole. So there was no way for me to seal it.
If you have one with regular joints, then I’d definitely seal.


No, it’s ball jointed but I’ll figure out something. Maybe put the limb beads in a pouch.


Yeah, I’d definitely do something like that. Though they warn against using glass beads in the LDC limbs because the vinyl is so soft they could go through it after a while. I don’t know how that would work, but it may be something to look out for.