Weighting a baby


So, I bought a Saskia baby online. He is heavy…7 lbs. he was my first experience with a reborn, so I’m not sure about the weight. Is that about right?

I made my first baby (finished him this past week) and he only weighs in at 5 lbs. should I add more weight? He’s the Scarlet sculpt


I keep my personal babies around 4 lbs and most of my family seems to like that weight too. Please show us your Saskia as that sculpt is my favorite right now!


I tend to weight light but see numerous post on facebook about people reweighting their dolls heavier after purchasing (not mine as far as I know but other seller’s)

So if it is a bigger kit I have been adding more weight and getting to about 8 pounds for kits like Landon…


I weigh all my newborns to be about 5.5 pounds. That makes them feel about 6 to 7.5 pounds. I don’t like the feel of them lighter than that…they don’t feel as good in my arms.


All my Saskia have been around 6 to 6.5lbs. Most of my newborns like 18-21 inches weigh usually between 4.5 to 5.5 lbs then typically increase slightly from there.


I’ve once heard someone say a good weight is the length in inches x 3.5oz. I’ve been going by that rule and it’s worked out great for me so far.


Good tip, thanks all! I will add a bit more weight when I switch his body out.


@Mommarobin I would not add more unless you want a heavy baby. I am older and like my babies at a weight that I can hold them for a while I think 5 to 6 lbs would be enough. I would leave him as is or take some out, lol. That is JMO. Remember dead weight feels heavier.


I usually do mine around5-6 lbs


Even when my babies are just over 4 lbs when people pick them up they always comment on how heavy they are and how they feel like a real baby. Now these are not people that are in the Reborn world, just friends and family but it helped me to realize I don’t need to put a true newborn weight on my babies or even real close unless it is custom ordered that way.