I live in rural Northern Maine, we only have a Dollar tree and a Walmart. I love hearing about all the other stores such as “Dollarama” never heard of that one. Our Target is about an hour a way from where I live. I never had any issues with the wedges but I like the dollar tree ones over Walmart, and I paint air dry.


You never heard of that because it’s in Québec ! :wink: I think is similar to Dollar Tree.


oh LOL


I used to love the wedges Bountiful baby sold, but I recently ordered a bag and was VERY disappointed. The wedges are flimsy and dont perform well at all now. I wish they would let us know when they change a product. It does affect out workmanship. Hopefully they will return to the quality ones they used to supply. Maybe they will read this post and bring back the old ones☺ …its not cost effective to us to have to order from another supplier. Id rather buy everything here with one stop shopping if I can.


I still have the old wedges I bought from BB years ago. They are the best and I can’t find anything like them anywhere :disappointed: The new wedges that BB sells are not the same.


I totally agree!


It’s all about the big bucks. The manufacturers are cutting corners and creating a cheaper product for about the same price to consumers as the older better quality products.


I like Swisspers for washes,

and my little beauty blenders (not latex free) for other work.
I’ll need to find latex free beauty blenders for the silicone babies.


Mine are from Wal-Mart, too. They have a good density.


Does anyone else have to wait FOREVER for orders to arrive from MacPhersons (sp)? I made one order from there for a doll wig, and I thought it would never come. BB’s arrive in 3 days. No problem. EXCEPT this past week when the distribution from Salt Lake didn’t get it to a distribution point near me – it went to San Juan, PR!! I couldn’t believe it! Then, it took about 3 days to get it back to the mainland. I FINALLY got it today. But, that was not BB’s fault. Just some crazy mix up. Also, Hunnybuns has shipped really fast. So those two I do keep in mind when I need something.


Maybe because I am in
Canada, I receive MacPherson orders in 3 days and BB in more than a week.


I am in the states and Had never ordered from them after having read another post about them I was curious to to see which way the service4 would go .
I had read it was bad by a few I had read it was good by some my results were on the very good side and will order again if something comes in that I want.
My package arrived as I said to the states in 3 days tracking was good and it was undamaged and no flaws on the kit


The only delay I was aware of is if the shipping invoice is not provide yet. But I always receive mine the same day or the day after, and receive package the next day by fedex.

If it take longer in US, I imagine it’s because of the custom, or because the order was placed a week-end.


All purchase and shipping information arrived in my email promptly as well Thank you for reminding me lol
first time luck I don’t know but as I said will try them again.


That is probably the reason.


I ordered a bunch of different brands to see which I liked best. So far,

I like the Sassy +Chic brand and the Equate (walmart) wedges. They seem to have the best density second to Macphersons. I hope this helps!


I got the Blue labeled Equate ones at Walmart and dislike them. They are soft, not as dense as I like


I did an experiment. I have had a hard time getting a clear, crisp mottle on my babies for over a year, since my favorite brand of wedges changed to the cheaper, porous material. Recently one of our drug stores was liquidating one of their brand of wedges, so I purchased them because they look nice and dense and spongy, almost like marsh mallows in firmness. I plucked some and compared painting with them along with the other brand I’ve had for the past year or so. Night and day difference. The porous cheapened wedges don’t leave a crisp mottle and the mottle pattern blurs out on the vinyl. The crips wedges? Clear mottling without any blurring. I just hope that not all the brands are changing over to the cheap, porous material.


I use FantaSea wedges. The only place I have been able to find them is ebay, but they are the only ones I use for GHSP.

I just checked and they are available on Amazon.


It he wedges from solar tree are good just way to small. The Walmart brand are perfect in size just not dense at all. In fact they actually shed a a little during mottling. Walgreens has done that look pretty good but there colored so I been afraid to try them.