Wedges with vitamin E?


I was so happy that I found JUMBO cosmetic wedges in CVS, but I fail to read that they are infused with vitamin E.
I found the thread when people are saying that they are using them without any problems. However mine left some oily spots after mottling. So I used Gamsol and wiped the layer off.

Question: can I wash them with dishwasher or washing solutions? Would they be soapy if I’ll do that even if I’ll rinse them thoroughly?
Thank you!


I use CVS jumbo wedges and they do great for me. I will check the bag I just bought to see if they have the vitamin E.


I use the Face Secrets from Sally Beauty. They are also infused with Viatmin E. They’ve been fine for me.


I get my cosmetic wedges at Walmart. There’s 32 in a ziploc bag and they’re not infused with anything. For awhile, I bought a bag every time I went in Walmart. I wash and re-use them so I probably have a lifetime supply. lol


I use the equate brand cosmetic wedges from walmart, they are infused with vitamin E and i have never had any issues. For me they hold up very well and i have used the same ones for more than a year.


I felt like they made my babies a tad shiny.


Some people wash and re-use their wedges on a regular basis. I have tried it and it worked out fine for me. Just my thoughts.


Do you seal your kits with matte varnish first before you start painting? Perhaps maybe the kit had some oil left after you washed it. I have a jar that i mixed of matte varnish and thinner to the consistancy of milk and use it to seal my kits before i start painting. And thinning it to that consistancy won’t leave the parts feeling rough… My babies have never had issues with developing oily spots. I use equate wedges and the thinner i use is also from walmart called Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits.


No, I don’t. And it was not a first layer either, I assume I would see oily spots before I used new wedge. I will just try another one for the experiment and see what will happen. Thank you!


I’ve also been using the jumbo ones from CVS and havent had any problems.


I want to try that. Which ‘thinner’ did you meant: Genesis thinner medium or paint thinner? Thank you!


This is the paint thinner i use to turn my matte varnish into the consistency of milk.


@melcurll Thank you so much!


You are most welcome :smiley: im always happy to help if i can :heart:


@melcurll Melanie, sorry to bother you again. I should think of that question yesterday. Do I have to bake it twice like we do with Genesis final varnish seal? Thank you!


I dont bake twice just for the simple fact that i dont use an oven. I use a heat gun to heat set the paint and varnish and the heat gun gets up to 400 degrees. So i only need to cure it for a couple minutes.