Weather blanket


I made up my colors and now I have to get my yarn. I am very excited to start. I am going to do a High Low Blanket that sound so interesting.

Lucky I had my first color so at least I did chain 300 and half the first row. 13 1/2 more days to catch up, lol!


Finally got all of my yarn, I’m on day 2, lol!


Enjoy. Mine has more then half of aqua (33-43*) then it dropped last night and i got to add first row of lt purple :wink: there is a few days of other colors here and there. I sew snowflake buttons on a day that it is snowing. Considered changing stitch for each month, but may not look right. Might do something like a row single crochet white between monthes, probably will put “2019” on it somehow also :slight_smile:


I’m in Illinois and it is a beautiful 1 degree this morning. :unamused:


Yikes! That is freeze your nostrils together cold lol!


@Michelle58 I am on day 16 with one side high and the other low. I don’t know if I like it but I am going to finish it like this. I was thinking about alternating sides per month but I think I will just see this out to the end, lol. I will post a pic once I get caught up on the days. I’m using mostly grey, blue, brown, green, yellow, orange and red. With our weather being mostly in the 30s and 40s also, I have a lot of tan and lt green. I was also thinking of adding buttons for birthdays. Little crochet snowflakes would be pretty. I’ll have to think about that. My daughter said I should put City, State, and Year on it somehow. I’ll probably do that somewhere in the middle of June/July. Again thanks for this idea I am having a lot of fun along with my Looming, painting and rooting!


I really like your color choice and the idea of buttons for birthdays! Think i May steal that idea myself​:star_struck: awaiting your pictures :yum: