Weather blanket


My 2019 weather blanket so far, looks like 33-43 is the going temp for Jan so far


I had to look up what a “weather blanket” was…that’s pretty cool! Do you continue until the end of 2019?




I wish I had done first half of row days low and second half days high but too late to start over :laughing:


Just looked it up, so cool!! I want to make one!


It’s fun, looks like my Jan is going to be almost entirely aqua, I change every 10’ should of every 5 probably :thinking:


I love this idea! Can you explain your colors?


I love this idea!!! Thank you for sharing it. I had to look it up too. I found this suggested color scale. I think I like it. Now I need to go buy some more yarn, and dig my crochet hooks out of the cedar chest. :heart:


I have heard it called a temperature blanket.


Temperature blanket is the term I used to find info. Weather blanket just pulled up real blankets for bad weather.


Like your colors better, oh well. Enjoy :wink:


Your colors will look great! It will make a good neutral colored blanket…actually a better choice for my house. I’m surrounded by boys. But…maybe I should just add more pink and purple layers so nobody will steal my blanket. :thinking:
Whatever colors I decide, I think it makes more sense to switch colors on the 10’s. (0-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc.) And I don’t need a color for below zero. I’m in Texas. We don’t allow subzero weather here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, that’s why I am down here and NOT in Illinois for the next month. High of 69 here today. My blanket would jump all over in the winter lol


I would do every 5 degrees different…

Here in the summer we are in the 90-100 for weeks but we also go below zero during the winter (sometimes… not this year so far though we got down in the teens)


What a cool idea!


That’s really cool!!! :wink:


Good idea, I would get bored doing the same color for too long


Sounds like such a fun idea! I may do that too. I just have 2 weeks to make up! Thanks @Michelle58 Do you mean you would crochet half the line high temp and half low temp, or Ist row low and 2nd row high? I like the idea of every 5 degrees that would be a little more colorful. Now I really need some yarn.


Each row is one day, so it would be halfway low and other half high for that day


Got it, thanks.