We FINALLY get a hobby/nursery room...need help

We need help with ideas on how to decorate it. We are leaning toward clouds, moons and stars but we are unsure EXACTLY what way to do it. There are SOOOO MANY ways to do that kind of room. Any ideas on how to decorate it (It does NOT have to be clouds, moons and stars) ??? What do your rooms and/or areas look like??? TIA!!!

P.S. The space is approx. 13’ by 13’. One wall has a bult in with 20 shelves. One wall has a large closet. The other wall has a large window. The last wall doesnt have anything on it.

Paint the solid wall sky blue and sponge on white, fluffy clouds! Use lots of soft, lacy white bedding in your crib.

I like the cloud idea because it won’t be so busy it detracts from your babies!

Robin and I spent many hours last night looking on the internet for a nutral clouds, moon and stars crib set. We only found 1 that was truly nurtral (the other ones really only had boy colors). We really like this set and best of all it has all of our logo colors (blue, pink, green purple). Also we found the 4 piece set (quilt, bumper, fitted sheet and dust ruffle) for $68.00 on Walmart.com. All the other acessories can easily be found on other sites. What do you think???

i made cloud room once i used the cotton out of a pillow and painted it and they bounced it on the wall i made each cloud with layers. they came out very realist that way.

Oh I like that set and I like the cloud idea. You are so lucky to have a room just for your babies. I’m like Neise, I have babies in the livingroom and my work area in the dining room.
Be sure and take pictures when it is all finished.

Here is a link to some tips on painting clouds.

If you use solid bedding, you can take nicer pictures. Too busy and it detracts from the baby. If you’re not planning to use it for photos, there are no limits! Most important is to pick something you both love and enjoy! It’s great to have special “baby space!” I’m currently working on a nursery, but it isn’t going too quickly!

Hi, I painted my room periwinkle blue with everything else white.
it didn’t last long. I decided on all white with just quilts in soft
colors and the babies. It really focuses on the babies and doesn’t
give them a strange color. Of course I have lots of babies, a crib
a bassinet, shelves everywhere and a large low old doll bed
in the center plus baskets and one big older doll on a trunk. they
ARE the decor. lol rosemarie

reborn nursery’s if you have any ,it would be nice to see how other people choose to display their precious babies.Thank you

Tonight we decided on the colors for the room. Since our logo has 4 colors in it (blue, pink, green and purple) and there are 4 walls, each wall is going to be painted in 1 of our colors. Also on 3 of the walls we are going to put white Wayns Coating (wood panneling) on the bottom half of the walls.

As you come into the room, the wall on the left has a long closet. That wall with have the white panneling and be painted a light green on top. The wall strait ahead is the large wall that doesn’t have anything on it. This wall will have the panneling and on top it will be painted a light blue on top. We will also paint clouds, moons and stars in blue, pink green and purple. The next wall has a large window on it. The wall will have the panneling and be painted a light purple. The final wall has a built in shelving unit with 19 shelves. This wall will not have the panneling (because the shelves won’t fit with the panneling) and will be painted pink. The shelves will be painted a different shade of pink then the wall.

The walls that won’t have the clouds, moons and stars, we will hang other things on them to decorate it like a nursery. The workers will start some of it tomorrow and will finish the rest after Thanksgiving. We are both SOOOO EXCITED to have a nursery. We will take and post pix when it is all finished.